Lowest Priority : Upgrade Refrigerator

The house already comes with a new double door refrigerator so there is no immediate need for one. However, it lacks the layout and features we would prefer to have in a Kitchen refrigerator. The good news is that we plan to move the existing kitchen refrigerator to the basement once we have a basement bar installed. That could be months from now or years from now, depending on what else takes priority (completing the basement). Dreams are free, and keeping up to date with the latest appliance technology is never a bad thing. At present we have our eyes set on these models 

Must haves in a Refrigerator

  • Water dispenser with filter
  • Stainless Steel
  • Compartments
  • French Doors
  • Modern Look & Feel


LG SmartThin@ Refrigerator 

Click the picture to go to this model’s spec page


Overall, this is the one to beat! Not only is this a beautiful French Door refrigerator, it has some pretty cool technology that tickles our inner geek. We love the screen that is linked to Google to help keep track of a grocery list, family calendar, weather and notes. We love that it can integrate with our cell phones. The screen also assists in finding recipes and hopefully surfing the internet so that we can access our Solita.us recipes via kitchen fridge monitor. Prior to discovering this fridge, Sol and I were discussing where/how we could maintain a grocery list on our phones that updates real time. This is actually even better than that.






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