What do we really need in our first Washer / Dryer purchase?

This is an exciting time for us. We are one month from closing on our first home purchase together. With this also comes our first appliance purchase for our new house. Our Easton home required a washer and dryer and we want to make sure that we make the right decision on this very important and expensive appliance purchase that will be with us for at least 12 – 14 years.

Average Life of Washer

Google result to search term “Average life expectancy of washer” – 02/13/2014






We definitely have an appreciation for laundry machines, after having many battles with the units that came with our rental homes.

How we use the laundry today 

Source: http://www.fighterscorner.net/store/images/BB%20WHITE%20GI.jpgSolomon loves Jiu Jitsu and washes his Gi (pictured left) after each practice using the Cold Wash cycle to prevent shrinking. The Gi is made of very heavy cloth, one is even made of hemp making it extra strong. So strong, that it has locked up the agitator piece on the washer in our rental… more than once. The washer’s one redeeming quality is that it is an extra large capacity. Due to the heavy material of the Gi, and the frequency of washing we MUST HAVE a washing machine with has a medium to large capacity,  no agitator and as a bonus, a machine that offers multiple Cold Cycle options.

Gita prefers the comfort factor of front load but is open to top loads as well. We would also like a steam cycle in either the washer or dryer. This is a great feature for freshening up clothes and also allows for cleaning items you might not ordinarily put in a laundry machine (e.g. decorative pillows  stuffed animals). We were not particular about the color but thought it would be cute to get a red one for

How we will use the laundry in the near future

We need a washer/dryer that is somewhat quiet. Our laundry room in Easton is on the same floor as the bedrooms. While very convenient, there is concern about the noise and shaking on bedroom floor while laundry is running. The washer in our rental can be heard and felt from stories above.

Size of laundry room: We have a walk in laundry room that has storage built into the wall.  We could easily fit a large captivity washer in this room. There is also wire storage shelves built into the wall of the laundry room, so we have plenty of space to store Costco sized containers of detergents and cleaning supplies …. and maybe a piece of custom art?? This means that we would not require a pedestal for storage purposes.

Capacity needs of the future: We plan to upgrade to a King Size bed within 1 year. We also plan to have a family (2 kids and a small/medium size family pet). A large capacity washer is required to wash a King size comforter. More precisely, a 4.3 Cu. Ft. capacity and larger is required for a King Size comforter.


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