Pack & Move – A journal of packing up our Herndon home

We are both really excited about the move. There has been a lot of smiling and jumping for joy as the single digit countdown begins. The big close date is 10 days away! March 17 …  Yes! St. Patrick’s Day 2014! And this house is our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

We have been pacing ourselves to pack and have tried to be as smart as we can about it. This move is made a bit awkward by the fact that our rental now has a lock box on it and is technically on the market. this means that we could have visitors at any time to the house. Not cool by me! We have plenty of time to move out but there is just so much that has to be done before any move. Fortunately,  we have put together a list to plan the move. Well … more like a project plan. Gita can’t help herself (sorry).

In any case we have a lot to pack and disassemble but are looking forward to having this opportunity to select items for donation. It means less to move and less to store at our new house 🙂

The Treasure Hound


03/16/2014 – Packing up the big stuff! 48 Hour til Move


One of our favorite constructive projects has been the Ikea Kitchen Unit that we both designed and assembled when we first moved to our rental townhouse in Herndon. We built it just in time for our first visit from J&P Sands. It turned out more functional than we had originally planned. With such a small kitchen to work with, we transformed the eat in kitchen area into this storage unit and stainless steel bar. Packing up everything inside the shelf gave us both an appreciation for how much this unit really holds. Taking it apart took some time, but with Sol disassembling, and Gita packing, we got it done in about 4 hours with breaks.

Do not despair. This unit will take on a new life in the new Solita Workspace (Basement)

Oh, and as it turns out, the weather took another nosedive. Just yesterday we had to turn off the heat because the weather was warm. It was overcast in the am, and when we happen to look out a window, and SNOW FLURRIES! Upon further investigation, Google Weather reports that we are expected to get up to 8″ of now, tomorrow, Monday, … our closing date. I guess life is pulling another joke on us, what can we all do but just laugh along. Stressing will not change the forecast or shovel the snow out of our driveway.


Living Room Dining Room – DONE!



03/15/2014 – Goodbye Closet

Today we put away all of our clothes into wardrobe boxes for the movers. Cleaning out a closet can be a very sentimental journey. Especially when you come across gifts from family and friends, or special tokens from journey abroad. It was a sentimental journey and a nice way to end a long tiring Saturday. Today was warm. They say that we might get some snow on Monday, but that can’t be true.

… Don’t feel sad for us …  Our new closet is even BIGGER!




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