Moving: Schedule for the closest dump / recycle center

A move is a great time to clear out, de-clutter, minimize, and revitalize!

Res-use /Recreate 


GoodWill Center

The Treasure Hound

Recycling Center

Electronic Sunday – The local recycle center / dump offers a special Sunday where residents can drive up and drop off their junk. This is a neatly orchestrated event. I had the best experience when I had to get rid of a broken TV. The lines were orderly and although it took a little time to get through the line, once I got to the TV drop off, I simply drove up and two friendly center staff members move the TV out of the back seat for me. I didn’t even get out of the car. No charge on Electronic Sundays, although it is good to have your license handy for proof of residence.



Two Dumps Near Us

4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax 22030

9850 Furnace Rd, Lorton, VA 22079




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