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Contact The Treasure Hound today at 703-263-9073, or visit
We all have donations from time to time. Most of us usually donate to the GoodWill or Purple Heart. If you would like to spread the donations around, here is a great cause to benefit of friends of homeless animals. The Treasure Hound is located in Northern Virginia and is a great place to donate your time or used home goods. You can also find some interesting purchases at this store. We found our “Gourmet” sign at the Treasure Hound on our first visit in 2010. To lean from about The Treasure Hound, here is a clip from their site

Support Friends of Homeless Animals 

Donations Wanted

The Treasure Hound resale shop accepts donations of new and quality used merchandise with all the proceeds going directly to the care of our dogs and cats. While not all inclusive, some of the items our store can use are: smaller scale furniture, artwork, household decorative items, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles, new or vintage linens, seasonal accessory and clothing items, books, movies, and of course, pet supplies. For more information on items we can accept, or to make arrangements for a large donation, contact us today.

Support Friends Of Homeless Animals - Chantilly, VA - The Treasure Hound

Learn More About The Treasure Hound:

  • Donations accepted Monday through Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Donations accepted FIRST Sunday of each month 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • All donations are tax deductable
  • Volunteer help needed
  • Donations wanted

All proceeds support the No-Kill Shelter in Virginia – “Friends of Homeless Animals.”

Please think of our store when you are sorting through your closets, attics, and basements, and when you are ready to shop. We are staffed by volunteers to keep our overhead low – so we have been able to make sizeable donations to the shelter. Every time we hear the cash register ring, we think of funding another dog’s heartworm treatment, or fixing a kitty’s broken leg, or the food we can feed a hungry puppy, or milk replacement for a tiny orphaned kitten. The Treasure Hound is a fun store and truly a win-win situation for everybody.

Contact The Treasure Hound today at 703-263-9073, or visit www.foha.orgYou can also check us out on Facebook under “The Treasure Hound.”

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