Gift from Paul and Janet Sands

Guess what we got! While visiting us, we got a special gift from Paul and Janet. It was actually an item off of our wishlist, a large stand up freezer for our garage. Every time we went into the appliance section of our MANY trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s, we always went past a very handsome model. We liked it because it’s layout made it easy to find and sort foods.

We have been stuck with small refrigerators in our previous rentals and it made it difficult to stock up during a great sale on meats and other freezables. Even more, we wanted to start cooking in bulk. This concept is both economical and can be a better alternative to having to eat out for convenience.  As full time IT professionals, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to cook a healthy and hot meal by the time we get home. Valiant attempts to shop for tons of groceries all at once had resulted in food wastage. We are not proud of it, but we were on a mission to eat better and reduce our reliance on eating fast food. But to make it work, we needed the following

1) Dedication from both us
2) A food plan
3) Freezer Space
4) Vacuum Sealer (We use a Food Saver

We had everything except the freezer space until Paul and Janet wanted to buy us a gift of our choice while Janet visited us in March of 2014. Luck was on our side. Not only was the freezer in stock, it was actually on sale 🙂 It was delivered while Janet was still visiting and a Costco trip followed to help us get started with some frozen goodies.



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