Solita Barbecue in Bulk – Sunday Dinner

We were still in the mood for BBQ and had set plans to make extra good and freeze it for later. The results were so tasty that we just kept eating them over and over again daily without complaint until we literally ran out of food! Here is what we made

Indian Style Seekh Kabob Burgers

This menu item is popular amount Indian/Pakistani/Afghan kabob restaurants. Also called chapli kabob, these spicy and delicious burgers have tons of flavor and few fillers. We used a recipe from (Click Here for Recipe) and were extremely pleased with the results. These tasty burgers can be enjoyed with rice, tandoori naan, hamburger bun or even lettuce wraps if you are going low carb. You will notice that although these are usually made on skewers, the hamburger shape makes them more versatile. You can reheat these right in the microwave and these can be stored in a freezer safe bag in your ice box.

2014-06-30 14.10.18

These delicious burgers can be considered clean eating without the bread. No fillers, just delicious spices and herbs. For best results, marinate overnight.

2014-06-28 21.24.45


Sol’s Special BBQ Chicken

Sol actually came up with the ingredients on the fly. We marinated these delicious drumsticks overnight and couldn’t stop eating them until they were all gone days later. We enjoyed these with green cilantro sauce from our local Asian mart. I had these for 5 days straight with lettuce and tomatoes on the side. These are also go well with rice, tandoori naan, or just by themselves.

2014-06-29 19.26.42


Thai Styled Chicken Satay (Slight Fail)

These came out dryer than we had expected but we quickly redeemed ourselves by stir frying them into a Singapore Noodle dish the next day.

2014-06-30 20.16.44

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  1. marf says:

    Are those roasted sasquatch tenders or yak tenderloin fingers?

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