Baby’s Nursery Shopping Trips

Shopping for Baby

Babies need love and attention above all, but there is no denying that they also require stuff! We had picked out a nursery/child’s room the first time we saw the townhouse. After staring at it for quite some time we started browsing around baby stores and online to figure out what to do with the babies room. With the help of family and advice from friends, the baby’s nursery is taking shape.

Great Beginnings

Mom found a beautiful baby store in Northern VA that had some of the most gorgeous baby stuff. The furniture is chic and if you don’t mind up to a 14 week lead time you can own some beautiful and durable furniture that will grow with your baby from infant to young adult. We were very fortunate that have parents who purchase us a beautiful nursery from Great Beginnings. Below are some photos of our favorite pieces from Great Beginnings. Here is also a link to the Great Beginnings website.

Babies’ R’ Us 

Babies’ R’ Us is probably the most popular baby store and has many locations all over the US. The website also makes it easy to create a registry. Click here for our Babies’ R’ Us registry 

Here are some photos from our trips to Babies’ R’ US

After seeing a lot of cool baby items in store, we went online to read reviews to narrow down our choices for the babies room. The nice thing about Amazon is that the baby registry provides a really helpful list of the basics for any family welcoming a new baby and they also allow users reviews to narrow down the choices to the best of the best.

Click Here for our Amazon Baby Registry



It is a good idea to shop around both online and in store before making and purchasing decisions for baby. Another thing that helps is inspiration from online. Thanks to the internet, there are tons of nursery decorating ideas which really helped us figure out what would make sense for our baby and our space. Here is a link to a post about setting up the nursery and the Pinterest board where I collected nursery ideas 

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