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The first time we saw our townhouse, I knew this would one day be the nursery. The room has, for the most part, remained empty awaiting the day that Solomon and I reach full nesting mode. I tried my hardest not to come into this room until after my first trimester screening. And strangely enough, I was not exhibiting behavior of a giddy first time mom who was in full nesting mode. But once we had passed the 13 week mark, we went into the room ready to begin plans to transform it into a nursery. It took a few trips to the local Baby’s R Us with mom and searching through online images to really get inspired.

When cousin Wendy and Natalie visited, they presented us with our first baby gifts, adorable outfits from Gymboree. Amount them was a pair of adorable elephant themed onsies, a little hat and booties. It was so adorable that Sol and I decided to go with an elephant theme for the entire nursery. But where to begin?

Bedroom #1 – Nursery

Here is the empty canvas that would one day become a nursery for our first born baby (and hopefully more).

11/10/2014 – 11/30/2014  – November Baby Window Shopping Trips – During the month of November, we starting window shopping for baby

12/19/2014 – Hunter Douglas Blinds installed in babies room

12/21/2014– Gita’s Mom & Dad purchase crib, changing table, crib to bed conversion kit from Great Beginnings. Because of the long lead time for the crib, it appears that the baby will be here before the crib. Or maybe we will just get lucky.

Million Dollar Baby (MDB) Crib and Changing Table

Million Dollar Baby (MDB) Crib and Changing Table



12/31/2014 – Baby Shower Registry 

My coworker and dear friend Erika is planning my baby shower and has simply asked for a guest list and online registries. So far I am registered at,Babies’R’Us and Target.


01/02/2015 – Baby monitoring system

Nothing is too good for our baby. When reviewing all the off the shelf solutions for baby monitor, Sol felt that he could do one better. Check out the Piper

Piper Camera


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