Front Room Theme of the Moment – Delivery Room

February 2015 – The “Delivery Room” theme

On the day of the baby shower, the whole family worked hard to make the house look beautiful for JP’s baby shower. Neetin hung the streamers while Janet and Kim proofed up the gorgeous pom poms. Aunt Martha and Aunt Laura were busy wrapping the cupcakes with coordinating light and dark blue wrappers. With more packages from Amazon in the mail, the Delivery Room was beginning to really pile up with gifts. We also used the room to hold the coats on a sturdy two tier wardrobe rack, after all, were expecting up to 30 guests.



January 30, 2015 – The “Delivery Room” theme

On January 30, 2015, my lovely co workers threw me a baby shower. We couldn’t put them in the nursery just yet, and so we put them in the living room. With our actual family baby shower approaching in a week, we found several boxes at our front door. They were gifts for JP’s baby shower. Where were we going to put these special deliveries? And the “Delivery Room ” theme was born. This would be the room that our baby shower guests could hand their coats and set down their gifts. If would also be the place where we could hold all of JP’s gifts until his nursery is ready.




January 2015 – Trying Out Different Layouts – Theme Room Eastman


The nesting continues and we found an interesting rug and a piece of metal wall art. We used them to inspire us to give the formal living room (AKA Theme Room),  We tried different configurations but realized that we need a love seat in this room to go with the two club chairs.

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