JP – Spoiled Little Prince James

After both the work and the family baby shower, Solomon left for a week in Ft. Eustis while I had a crazy week at my office. It wasn’t until that Thursday night that we both had an opportunity to take in all the excitement of the week. Even after the baby shower, there were gifts coming in and packing the “Delivery Room” at the front of our house. We had to hold all the baby things there while we waited to get the nursery painted. In the mean time, we decided to assemble the Ikea Kallax units just to get an idea of what the setup would look like. I had to move our some of the things from the closet and put them in the “Delivery Room” to keep them out of the painter’s way. It was then that I realized that our little guy had been showered with gifts that spelled spoiled price all over them.







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