Aquariums for those without an aquarium

While visiting Kim and Seth in Colorado on Christmas of 2013, we also met the twins for the first time. The adorable pair seemed almost hypnotized by the large fish tank in the couples work space. The twins seemed mesmorized for hours

Solomon reminded me of the acquarium this week as we are putting the final touches on JPs room. Since an acquarium doesn’t seem to make sense for our space at this time, I thought I might look up the next best thing … YouTube.

Ocean Voyager Part I – 6 Hour REAL VIDEO Ocean Aquarium by Michael Speigner on Youtube

I was sucked into this for over an hour in the livinroom. The music is peaceful and continuous and the view constantly changes. You see fish of all sizes and even sting ray, sharks, swordfish, clownfish and tons of other beautiful fish that I don’t even know the names of. It would be chill with baby and watch this … we would probably fall asleep together doing so, but that isn’t a bad thing.



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