Nursery Lighting Project – Completed May 16, 2015

Another step in the Nursery Project in progress.


What started out with the lotus chandelier installation in the nursery ended as an upgrade to the nursery lighting.

Lotus Chandelier

The Lotus has been with us since 2010. It has made it through two installation in our rentals and found it’s way to the Nursery when we moved to Villa Solita. As the nursery project progressed it seemed more and more fitting to add the Lotus to the open spot for a chandelier in the middle of the nursery.

Bonus: See the history of our Lotus Chandelier Click Here

Overhead Pot Lights

Once G &JP started living in the nursery issues revealed themselves. For example, the overhead lighting was often too bright, especially during the phase where there are multiple feedings and diaper changing during the wee hours of the night. While preparing for the Lotus chandelier installation, we decided to take the opportunity with an upgrade to the existing lighting in the nursery and going with dimmer switches and dimmable LED bulbs. To give it a hint of high tech, these are all Wi Fi controllable



Night Lights

After the curtains were installed, G and JP slept in the nursery and noticed that the the night light bothered the both of us at night. It was too bright!  After reviewing articles on the subject, we discovered that red light is considered optimal for sleep.

“And though it might seem counter-intuitive, the color that keeps us awake is blue, while the ones more conducive to sleep are at the red end of the spectrum. And these days, the light to which we’re exposed at the time our biological clocks should be getting ready to crank out melatonin tends to be bluer than ever, due primarily to the many computer-related activities that we tend to engage in just before bedtime, whether they involve work, fun and games, or communication and social media, as well as the phasing out of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs that had more of a reddish glow to them.”

Source:  WikiPedia article on Night Vision

After reading more about red light bulbs we realized that we had a color changing bulb with remote that we had purchased from Amazon back in 2011 but had not used since it was not bright enough for what we had purchased it for. We also had a clip on desk lamp in the office that we clipped to one of the white shelves near the changing table. Since LED does not get hot and provides over 40,000 hour of light per bulb, we decided to test it out as a night bulb. While co sleeping with JP in the nursery, the bulb made a significant difference in night vision and did not helped JP get back to sleep faster.


LED Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote.




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