Villa Solita – Basement Evolution

The basement in our Eastman unit was partially finished.


Eastman Floor Plan Solita- Basement

Eastman Model Basement














April 2014 – Basement



This was the original configuration we set up the basement after the move. Bare in mind that there was a lot to get through and we did our best not to

Prior to JPEastman-Floor-Plan-Solita--Basement being born, we did have a tremendous purge of paperwork (mostly unopened mail and catalogs) as well as a reorganization of stuff. We were also very successful in setting up the Office Print/Copy station which reused the ClosetMade cubical shelves. The station included the all printing needs including paper, and printer ink. The station also included a place for office supplies such as paper clips, push pins, staples, envelopes, stamps, label maker and refills as well as a place to stow pens, highlighters and scissors. We even created a batter station with organized batteries, a tester and a recharging station for the rechargable batteries. There was even a can set up for disposal can to collect dead batteries that are not rechargeable for disposal at a designated recycling centers.









2014-03-25 22.39.122014-03-25 22.39.082014-03-25 22.39.03










 May 2015 – Phase 2 – Reconfigure the room

Although the floor plan might have made Phase 1 look like a good idea, it was actually a disaster. The staircase made walkways between the recliners and the desks seem very narrow. Additionally, it felt a bit cramped. The additional desk were just tables piled on with papers and office things that needed a home. Fortunately we resolved many of these issue through out the first year. After JP was born we decided that we needed to rework this basement to include our little guy in a space where we spend a lot of time, especially to work from home.  The Phase 2 plan moved the workstations into a T configuration and provided better cable management and improved the made the space flow better.


















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