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This dinosaur gift set was perfect for our son Jimmy who has always had an interest in plastic animals. He has already mastered farm animals and jungle animals, so we felt it was time to introduce him to one of Solomon’s favorite toys as a child, dinosaurs (ROAR!). 

There are two sets and a book which are each sold separately. I had purchased the first set from Amazon during a lightening deal and had saved this set for over a year for the right time to bring it out for Jimmy. Now that we had purged many of the toys he had outgrown, and to show him how proud we were for his potty training success, we gave him the 2nd set and book. We felt that combining a book with a toy was a great way to help our kids connect and learn through play. I have to give credit to our kids Preschool for inspiring this idea of combining learning and play in this way.

Jimmy, age 3 playing and lining up his entire dinosaur set. The first time we presented him this gift, we compared the toy to the photos in the book to determine the names of each dinosaur in the sets.  He loves setting up the dinosaurs in order and telling us whether they are carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore. His younger brother Billy watches Jimmy and loves to copy his behavior and is learning by watching Jimmy. This is a durable set made of hard plastic. I have no doubt it will survive the rough and tumble of two ddler boys.

Please note that the there are more dinosaurs mentioned in the book than what come in the two sets. There are other sets form other manufacturers and the quality of the plastic may vary.

More ways to have fun

The boys love this Blippi video that features a similar (if not the same) set of dinos. To our surprise, Jimmy has mastered the name of all the dinosaurs from both sets and bringing them out and naming them never seems to get old for him.


More Info & Where to Buy


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