Saying Goodbye to Toys – Donating Toys to the Vietnam Veterans of America

Donation Pick Up!













There are many options for what to do with toys and we were interested in donations. During our latest playroom update we realized that the boys had outgrown many of the toys and some were becoming a hazard. It was time to say goodbye. We offered the toys out to friends and family with children of a similar age but there were no takers. We decided to donate these toys in beautiful condition.

A few of the pieces such as the Balapalooza were extra large and clumsy to having someone else take it made the most sense. I simply went to  and scheduled a donation pick up. For my location the earliest calendar date was 2 weeks out. It was enough time to clean, inspect and say goodbye to these loved toys. The site lets you set up a reminder phone call which I received the business day before my scheduled pickup. The reminder instructed me to place all donations on my front porch and label them VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) and I did just that.
















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