Playroom Evolution – March 11, 2018

Playroom and Family Room After Spring Cleaning March 2018

As we approached Spring 2018, it was time to put away the winter clothes and gear and start putting together a donation basket. While reviewing the clothes, we also started to notice that there were toys that the boys had outgrown and could also be donated. After reviewing each toy very carefully this Spring, we changed things around to make our playroom/family room space more functional for us and the kids.

The couch is always a great place to lounge. IT has continued to hold up and be our cozy spot when spending family time.




































March 12, 2018

Just a few days shy of Jimmy’s 3rd Birthday. Billy is almost 2 in this video. We had just removed some of the baby gates and updated the foam padding in the play area. It was also a time where we got rid of/donated things the boys had outgrown.


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