Master Bedroom Makeover Project – 2018

Master Bedroom Project

Current Status: In progress









Current State: 

11/24/2018 –  Received the gray duvet cover and matched it with the new ultrasoft furry throw from At Home. The Taupe is just perfect against all these colors and somehow it all works together. The room has that cozy laid back and soothing feeling. But it also brought to light that this bed is in desperate need for a bed skirt to hide the wiring from the lamps and ergonomic bed. Solomon has finally removed all the appliances from the sitting room and we are just down to the glider which has made itself a cozy spot in the corner.











Read more:  Master Bedroom Update – 11/24/2018

08/18/2018 – The Vant panels are on completely and correctly! We feel good about where we placed and how it draws the eyes up to the ceiling feature. After seeing the curtains we decided to add more volume with additional panels. The sheers were definitely the right move. They provide a lovely diffused glow.







Establish a Baseline:

Assess the situation. Determine what elements must stay and what must go. Consider elements of the attached room (Master Bathroom)

I discovered a treasure trove of decor during a basement cleanout. It was random decorative items, some still in packaging.  found unopened heavy curtain rings, double curtan rod, wall decor and more! I almost don’t remember buying them it has been so long. But it sure helped the budget!















  • What is the purpose of this space?
  • What do we already have (decor) that can be used in this room?
    • nightstands from guestroom
    • natural looking lamps from the guest room
  • What colors/elements do we want to use in the room?
    • Soothing colors
    • soft and silk textures
  • What features do we want to use in this room?
    • Dimming lights
    • Himalayan lamps
  • What needs to be ordered?
    • Curtains – Done – Amazon
    • Panels – Done – Amazon (Vant)
    • Curtain Rings – Done – BB&B
  • What shall we do about the lighting? – Dimable feature allows for different ambiance in the room.
    • Time to add dimmer and appropriate light bulbs
    • Add the master bedroom to smart home
    • Take the forest lamps from guest room for now at least as place holders
  • Window Treatments

Determine a design style, color pallet and theme for room. When I brought all the elements together, a theme appeared. We already seemed to gravitate toward beige/taupe/gray tones.

Found these items around the house. Wanted them in the room.

Bed Bath & Beyond still carried the same curtain rings!











At Home: Gold Mirror Purchase


Vant Panels Arrived






Amazon: Bedroom Curtains

Amazon: Dimeable lights for master bedroom























Time to be brave. put it all together.

Seen here,

  • White curtain sheer
  • Curtains
  • Bed Panel Swatch Fabric Samples (Vant) – My final decision was based on the fact that the color of the bed panels should accomodate a variety of colors including gray and beige since so much of our decor was in these schemes. Interestingly our color choice looks beautiful with golds, brushed nickle metals.


End of Day 1 Constructions. Window installation in progress. We need to order more panels for the bed. We decided to go all the way up to the top which left us short exactly 4 panels. Thankfully these Vant Panels are available on Amazon and were prime eligible











Weekend 2 – The other panels have arrived and Solomon installed them to complete the room.
















Weekend 3 – Removed the appliances 

Move dresser to Solomon’s side of closet.
Move Billy’s grey dresser to our room
Move guest room dresser to Billy’s Room


Needs list

  • Bed Skirt
  • Cali King Comforter
  • Cali King Duvet Cover
  • Rug(S)
  • Chandelier
  • Sitting room furniture
  • Vanity table with jewlery drawer & Mirrors (Ready Sation)

To Do List

  • Give glider to Mom’s house
  • Shop for wall art








I am SO happy with the overall look and feel of the panels. Now I just need to get the right bed set to really make an impact in this room.

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