Saying Goodbye to Infant Things – Gifted to a friend of a friend


March 11, 2018

He’s are the photographs that were taken just before we gave them away to a new mom. Thanks to Erika M who knew a young lady having her first baby. These things all were lovingly used by our boys and we are so glad that another little boy will use them once again. This donation included the bassinet, baby bathtub, infant car seat with locking base and stroller. There were diapers, wipes, clothes and infant development toys. It felt so good to know they would have a great home.

This also helped us cross off a much overdue item on our Master Bedroom to do list – “Reclaim our sitting area by saying goodbye to outgrown baby things such as bassinet” These were taking up a sizeable footprint in our master sitting room and we needed them out. The carseats and strollers were sitting unused in out already cramped garage. It was best to part with these things while they were in great condition instead of leaving them forgotten in a corner of some storage area.

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