Sound Objects Game

Recreating one of Jimmy’s favorite school learning activities at home. Jimmy’s teacher, Miss Kari, sent a few photos of this game and invited me to come by the class so she could explain. Jimmy called is Sound Objects.

You take a random object (or picture) from a basket and match it to the letter that it begins with from a choice of letters.

The local Five and Below ($5 store) carries these adorable 3D Erasers that Miss Kari uses in the Sound Objects game. She sets up the letters on the display and then Jimmy opens a box containing little objects. He sounds the word out and places the object on the display next to the letter the object begins with. For example, a turtle would be placed next to the T.

That weekend after work I went to Five and Below and found these 3D eraser packs. I brought them home and used a page from the Early Learning Book to play the Sound Objects game.

Early Learning Book I had purchased this book from Walmart and have used it as a workbook for Jimmy. It contains pages to practice handwriting letters that were perfect for this game.

I instructed Jimmy to place the object next to the letter it begins with. He absolutely loved this game and played it for a long time.

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