Jimmy & Billy – Saturday with Ms. Madooda, Bahaar and Yelda

Nani was away and we wanted to attend a baby shower for Allyson and Tanner.

This was our first time Jimmy and Billy stayed at Miss Masooda’s home where Miss Bahar and Yelda entertained the boys while we were gone. They had lots of fun and ate Miss Masooda’s homemade food. Looks sooo yummy! How did she know Jimmy loves meat and rice?

We are so happy to stay in touch with Miss Masooda and family. The boys know them all so well and we knew they were in great hands. Just like leaving kids with family 🙂

Nani  is missing the boys. We will send her these pics so she can see how well her grandsons are cared for. “Spoiled” is really the word, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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