2019 Bahamas Vacation

For G’s 40th Birthday 2019

Sol granted my wish for a vacation somewhere warm. We went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas. The vacation had adventure, relaxation, spa treatments and lots of food.

Day 2 – Perfect Day at Coco Cay

Day 2 – Short Video
We awoke on G’s 40th birthday in beautiful Coco Cay located within the Berry Islands just 50 or so miles from Nassau, Bahamas. It really was the perfect 40th Birthday with many adventures including parasailing, snorkeling and jet skiing.

Day 3 – Spa Day

We haven’t compiled our edited video for day 3. We spent the day exploring the ship and enjoying spa treatments aboard the ship. We also went on a side mission to find a 2nd “Inky the Octopus” to bring home to the kids. As our room attendant says “It’s better to come home with none, but don’t come home with only 1 (if you have 2 kids)”

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