Magnet Tiles for learning 3D Shapes

A gift from Grandma Janet & Grandpa Paul for the boys on Christmas 2018. At the time it was interesting for the boys but they were too young to follow the directions at that time.

With COVID-19, I looked at each toy very carefully to reevaluate it’s potential as a learning tool and am glad that we kept the magnet tiles in the “Save for Later” cabinet.

Jimmy was instantly pulled into these bright and colorful tiles. Each has embedded magnets which link when brought into contact with other magnet tiles. After giving them a serious try with Jimmy (now) age 5, this was more than just a fun toy. It ended up being a tool we used to help Jimmy understand 3D Objects. I wanted him to understand the difference between the various pyramids and prisms. While drawings and photos are good learning tools, the magnet tiles allows us to create 3D models that could be taken apart and put back together.

Using magnet tiles to help Jimmy understand how 3D objects in depth. Here I used the magnets to show the difference in construction between the square based pyramid, triangle based pyramid, and cube. I then had Jimmy demonstrate with the set by connecting the tiles and allowing him to assemble them. Once put together they looked like this.

The tiles easily link magnetically to form each object in its 3D form. This was a great way to explore 3D objects in a way drawings and solid objects do not.

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