Dinosaur Game – Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore

Game Rules: Right side herbivores left side carnivores middle ground Mossasaurus

Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore

This was the game we played today. The boys each took turns picking a dinosaur, naming the dinosaur species, and then selecting whether the dinosaur was carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore by placing it on a particular side of the mat. The idea came from scenes in Jurassic park where various species of herbivore were grazing together along a water source. The idea being that herbivores can all drink/graze together because they are not interested in eating each other. Use books and Google to identify each dino and whether it is CH or O.

Bring out the dinosaur collection because it’s time to learn and play! Jimmy and Billy have been long time fans of dinosaurs and already know the names of each of these 34 different dinosaur in our collection.

Games you can play with dinosaur

Name that dinosaur

As the name implies, the idea of the game is to select dinosaur and name them out. Talk about the characteristics of the dinosaur such as, short arms, number of horns etc as you review each dinosaur.

Draw a dinosaur

We have drawn many dinosaurs over the years. Discussing the dinosaur’s characteristics such as long neck, short hind legs also help the kids remember each dinosaur by describing and drawing.

Re-enactments from Dinosaur Movie Scenes

Using dinosaurs and other existing toys and props to re enact your favorite scenes from your favorite dinosaur movies. Great way to engage in imaginary play and memory recall of scenes and quotes from movies. This has been hilarious every time we have done it.

Spell that dinosaur

For older children who are more advanced and like to spell, play games related to spelling the names. Do not underestimate your kids! If your kids love dinos they will be spelling or at least partially spelling in no time.

Dinosaur Trivia

Put together quiz cards related to dinosaurs and use it create a quiz show.

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