Lego Family Challenge #1

Its 2020, we are in week 4 of lockdown and we are all alive and well. Grandpa Ben brought over the family legos and we have been sorting and washing them. Still many more to be washed we decided to have fun with the random legos we had just washed.

We watched the Championship Finale for Lego Masters while working on our own masterpiece. To add a sense of fun we decided to have out own fun, family game.


  1. Get a random bunch of Legos including bricks, people, accessories
  2. Use as many of the piece to make your signature masterpiece using as many of the pieces provided.
  3. Points will be deducted for each piece not used in the masterpiece.
  4. Bonus points for adding non Lego objects effectively in the masterpiece.
  5. The masterpiece must be accompanied by a backstory to explain what the piece is all about, but bonus point if the piece tells the story without an explanation.

Jimmy and Billy both helped at different times

Name of Piece: Fixer Upper on 5 Poplar Street

Buddy is a wounded warrior who lives on 5 Poplar street. Buddy, lives in this home with his Dad (Grandpa) and their dog (Fluffy) live together in their home on 5 Poplar Street.

Buddy and Grandpa have hired a contractor to remodel their home. They are finishing up the new roof and extension

Fluffy the dog likes to sleep in his own little house
Jimmy incorporated the Monopopy dog into our masterpiece. This is Grandpa coming to spend time with Fluffy. Clearly Fluffy is happy to see Grandpa.

Grandpa and Fluffy enjoy spending a peaceful afternoons in the back yard playing and relaxing by the outdoor fireplace.


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