Lego hand me down from Mommy to J&B

The day had finally come whe Grandpa Ben brought over my childhood Legos. These were my first legos mixed in with newer sets from my brother Neetin. There was even a semi-assembled spacecraft that immediately caught Jimmy’s attention.

This brought back so many memories and I knew they would provide hours of fun for Jimmy and Billy.

The collection was bigger than I remember and there were also some other non lego brings included. While I dont discriminate between toys I will say the Legos hand up much better than the other bricks.


Legos are made to be generational. Period. They are tough and with the proper care can last many lifetimes I am sure. These will likely last for future grandchildren to enjoy ❤ No rush there, as we look forward to enjoying watching our boys, Jimmy and Billy play with these brilliant bricks.

Cleaning Legos

While sorting through the box of legos I noticed some of them were sticky and or needed a light cleaning. According to Lego, here is the best way to wash your Legos.

Never dishwasher Legos please!!!

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