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Halloween Coloring Pages

J&B are excited about Halloween! Here are some coloring pages for Halloween. All of these are from Google Images I

Lego Family Challenge #1

Its 2020, we are in week 4 of lockdown and we are all alive and well. Grandpa Ben brought over the family legos and we have been sorting and washing them. Still many more to be washed we decided to have fun with the random legos we had just washed. We watched the Championship Finale […]

Great Explorations 3-D Planets Great Explorations 3-D Planets

Jimmy is learning about Space and the planets. What a wonderful way to learn and connect than with this set of planets. Families with infants please be aware of chocking hazard. Great Explorations 3-D Planets In…

J&B’s First Globe – Shifu Orboot Smart Globe with App Jimmy has been learning about the earth and continents. He can already name them all at age 5. To encourage his curiosity we thought a globe might be a great way to encourage learning. While searching for a globe for children I came across is model and was instantly amazed. You do load the […]

How Wii Stay Fit – Indoor video game as physical activity during COVID-19

Under normal circumstances we would be taking the kids to a nw playground every day and anticipating swimming pool openings and zooms, parks with the occasional evening at an indoor playground to let these two boys work off their energy. COVID-19 has forced us to minimize outdoor activities to the extent that our Home Owner […]

Straw Building Set by Skoolzy

This was a great addition to our STEM/STEAM toy rotation. This Skoolzy set contains 200 pieces with straws and connectors. They come in an orange Slookzy pouch with drawstrings. Jimmy immediately knew what to do. At first it seemed it was a bit difficult for him to get the straws connected with the yellow connectors […]

Lego hand me down from Mommy to J&B

The day had finally come whe Grandpa Ben brought over my childhood Legos. These were my first legos mixed in with newer sets from my brother Neetin. There was even a semi-assembled spacecraft that immediately caught Jimmy’s attention. This brought back so many memories and I knew they would provide hours of fun for Jimmy […]

Play Doh Fun!

Play doh is fun, creative and therapeutic. This soft non toxic dough can be made at home and is safe is swallowed. The kids and I love playing with different kits and and stencils to create fun soft clay objects that can be smooshed and recreated over and over again. So satisfying! We keep out […]

Kid Activity Pro-Tip from Aunt Martha & Aunt Laura

On their last visit in 2018, Aunt M&L visited baring gifts. They came across this collection of random children’s activity books and readers and brought them for Jimmy & Billy. At the time the boys were not quite old enough to really appreciate these and I saved them for when the time was right. I […]

Solita Playschool – Family Room Evolution – Update April 2020

Latest Update of the Playroom. Just one more photo before we change things up again. Do far we believe the space has been fun, cozy and efficient at keeping things organized and in their place. The magnetic child locks on the doors are especially effective in keeping things with pieces together. Top Shelf: Puzzles Bottom […]

2020 Easter Sunday Cake

  This Easter we wanted a special treat to share. With limited products available at the grocery store due to COVID 19 we got creative with a box of Spiced Cake Mix. Billy was very eager to assist and helped pick applesauce as the added flavor to this cake. He helped crack eggs, measure and […]

Happy Easter with Legos/Duplo

Lego Coffee Table Project

Magformers – Dinosaur building fun

Jimmy, age 5, loves to follow the instructions to build one of many dinosaurs from the included instruction manual. Not just Dinos …

Magnet Tiles for learning 3D Shapes

This was more than just a fun toy. It ended up being a tool we used to help Jimmy understand 3D Shapes. The magnet tiles allow us to create 3D models that could be taken apart and put back together again. Jimmy was loved this!

J&B Dinosaur Trivia

Brothers quizzing each other on dinosaur trivia. Ages 4 and 5. It’s never too early to learn about dinosaurs!

Learning 3D Shapes

Jimmy has been learning his 3D shapes. During COVID-19 he continued his individual lessons with Miss Angela. He was assigned drawings which incorporate the 3D shapes. For example: an ice cream cone is a cone with a sphere. A rocket is a cylinder shape with a cone top. I took notes during his lesson with […]

Cars Memory Game – Great Grandma’s Birthday Gift

A wonderful birthday gift from Great Grandma Carol, Jimmy received this Disney Cars Matching Game that the boys really enjoy! Here they are playing. It is easy enough, simply pick 2 cards and find the ones that match… so easy you miss some! This is a game we play a couple times a week during […]

Dinosaur Game – Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore

Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore This was the game we played today. The boys each took turns picking a dinosaur, naming the dinosaur species, and then selecting whether the dinosaur was carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore by placing it on a particular side of the mat. The idea came from scenes in Jurassic park where various species […]

Making crayons with kids

April 2, 2020 Jimmy and I have been doing more drawing and coloring sessions lately. We had a bunch of broken crayons and I was excited to finally try re melting broken crayons into a new shape. It was easy. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Find a baking mold that is heat safe and broken […]

Online Pre-K During COVID-19

Effective March 23, 2020, the Governor announced all public schools closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. With the social distancing order, we are not permitted to send our children to school. Luckily, technology has allowed us to adapt and adjust for the sake of our children’s continued learning. TCM Montessori is has […]

Learning & Fun

Incorporate learning into activities your child is interested in. If your kid is into dinosaurs, cultivate that love of dinosaurs into activities, museum and park visits and everyday toy play.

Memory Games

This is a game I remember playing as a kid. This set contains characters from Frozen II which the boys are really into right now. There are other sets with other familiar characters such as PJ Masks and other popular Disney characters, Matching Games can be adjusted to different levels of skill. With young toddlers, […]

J&B Activities

Morning: Boys wake up shower, brush, change clothes come to the kitchen BREAKFAST: Boys help parent in charge with preparing breakfast. Boys will assist with clean up and will wash hands. We make sure that the boys have a mixture of the following activities including a mix of no electronics learning and screen time. Educational […]

Magnet Board With Activities

In a world of electronic games and mobile apps it’s nice to know that young children still respond to old school learning methods such as magnets and 10 double sided activity work sheets. This is a product I purchased from Amazon for Jimmy and quickly ordered another one because Billy was also very interested in […]

Magnets & Flashcards

A game to learn how to read and write. Jimmy and I spent time together slowly writing out and spelling each animal in a set of animal magnets. The object of the game is to match the card to the correct animal magnet. Jimmy demonstrates. You can use whatever items your child is interested in […]

Mashems Spin The Wheel Surprise Toy Game

We kept the surprise egg shells and I numbered the shells 1-10, one for each slot on the spinning wheel. The object is supposed to be to get more heroes than villains but it was so much fun, Jimmy kept spinning the wheel until he opened them all! He is such a little game show […]

Jimmy’s Christmas Mug – Gift from Miss Angela

Holiday mug with gingerbread house. A gift from Miss Angela that looked a lot like our actual Gingerbread House!

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