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05/26/2018 – Family Area Evolution – Remove the padding and the baby gates

BIlly’s Room Makeover

Villa Solita – Basement Evolution

The basement in our Eastman unit was partially finished.                             April 2014 – Basement     This was the original configuration we set up the basement after the move. Bare in mind that there was a lot to get through and we […]

Villa Solita – Family Area Evolution – Dinnette & Family Room

Per the original floor plan from for our model home, the two spaces connected to the kitchen are known as the dinette and the family room. Together these two rooms make up the family area. This space has gone through an interesting evolution in the first year and a half.                 […]

Our Family Room Update – November 2014

It was finally time to get a couch for our family room. The white club chairs although functional, stylish and comfortable, were only providing seating for two and we had to get creative whenever we had company over. We measured our living room space and decided to get a modular sectional with high density cushion […]

Villa Solita: Family Room Progress

Here is our latest progress in decorating/furnishing our family room. We are in no rush to buy furniture just for the sake of filling up a room. We like to take our time and explore our options. Here is the progress so far. Keep checking back for updates! While making decorating decisions, we kept in […]

Villa Solita Gym

Health and Fitness is important important part of the Solita lifestyle. While Sol prefers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gita still prefers her heavy duty Elliptical and gym equipment. We both found a great compromise when we decided to set up a small home gym in a spare bedroom. It currently has the Total Gym XLS and […]

Pack & Move – A journal of packing up our Herndon home

We are both really excited about the move. There has been a lot of smiling and jumping for joy as the single digit countdown begins. The big close date is 10 days away! March 17 …  Yes! St. Patrick’s Day 2014! And this house is our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! […]

Ideas for Home Furnishings: Master Bedroom

While we wait for our move in date, we have been spending time watching lots of HGTV to get inspiration on home decorating. We have been keeping all our decorating and furniture ideas and inspirations on our Pinterest Board with Master Bedroom Ideas seen below.  Master Bedroom in Eastman Model Home Click here to take the virtual […]

Ideas for Home Furnishings: Dining Room

The formal dining room has a beautiful tres ceiling and crown molding along with white chair rail which is just begging to be paired with a bold statement color. The lighting fixture is … okay … for now, but this room deserves better. For a room this size a larger fixture would be more appropriate. […]

Ideas for Home Furnishings: Family Room with Coffered Ceilings

The Eastman has a lot of architectural details such as the crown molding, octagon tres ceilings, picture frame molding and especially the coffered ceilings in the family room. We have seen these ceilings in luxury homes on TV and a few model homes during our original home search. This classic look has been revived with […]

Ideas for Home Furnishings: Master Closet

I’m not even going to drag Solomon’s name into this! This Pinterest Board below is ALL ME! One of my favorite features of Eastman is the Master closet. It is HUGE (highlighted in pink on the floor plan)! It comes with basic wire wardrobe racks so the sky’s the limit for upgrading to custom closets […]

Ideas for Home Furnishings: Entrance / Foyer

While we wait for our move in date, we have been spending time watching lots of HGTV to get inspiration on home decorating. Eastman Entrance and Foyer Details Pinterest Board We have a Pinterest board where we have been keeping ideas of furniture we like. Here is a look at our Pinterest Board for the […]

Ideas for our Home Office Furniture & Decor

We can’t wait to create a workspace for both of us in our new home! Here is a look at our Pinterest Board where we collect all of our ideas from all over the internet! [pinterest-master]                

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