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Time to sell these moving boxes!

Most people just save or throw away perfectly good moving boxes after settling into the new house. We have actually been guilty of the same on our last couple of moves. This time we decided to use Craigslist to purchase 2nd hand boxes and to resell them good condition. You too can sell your used […]

Pack & Move – A journal of packing up our Herndon home

We are both really excited about the move. There has been a lot of smiling and jumping for joy as the single digit countdown begins. The big close date is 10 days away! March 17 …  Yes! St. Patrick’s Day 2014! And this house is our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! […]

The Treasure Hound – Donations that benefit pets!

Contact The Treasure Hound today at 703-263-9073, or visit  We all have donations from time to time. Most of us usually donate to the GoodWill or Purple Heart. If you would like to spread the donations around, here is a great cause to benefit of friends of homeless animals. The Treasure Hound is located in […]

Moving: Schedule for the closest dump / recycle center

A move is a great time to clear out, de-clutter, minimize, and revitalize! Res-use /Recreate  Donations GoodWill Center The Treasure Hound Recycling Center Electronic Sunday – The local recycle center / dump offers a special Sunday where residents can drive up and drop off their junk. This is a neatly orchestrated event. I had the […]

Adventures of the Solita family!