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Jimmy Cooking in School July 2019


Sol & Gita – Valentine’s weekend date

2018 Solita Family Christmas Vacation

Jimmy & Billy – Saturday with Ms. Madooda, Bahaar and Yelda

Nani was away and we wanted to attend a baby shower for Allyson and Tanner. This was our first time Jimmy and Billy stayed at Miss Masoodas home where Miss Bahar and Yelda entertained the boys while we were gone. They had lots of fun and ate home made food. Looks sooo yummy! We are […]

Christmas Slideshow & Plalist

  Solita Family Christmas Playlist All the family videos in one playlist on YouTube.  

Thanksgiving 2018 – Homemade with keto options


Halloween 2018 – Jimmy & Billy go Trick or Treat as Blippi

Halloween with Jimmy & Billy These two love Blippii! And Billy wants to do everything his big brother wants so we got them both Blippi costumes. As Jimmy explains, there are many parts to this costume! Since it was cold out, we put the Blippy costumes over their hoodies. Here they are, the two Blippis! […]

Saying Goodbye to Toys – Donating Toys to the Vietnam Veterans of America

                        There are many options for what to do with toys and we were interested in donations. During our latest playroom update we realized that the boys had outgrown many of the toys and some were becoming a hazard. It was time to say […]

05/26/2018 – Family Area Evolution – Remove the padding and the baby gates

Billy & Jimmy Funny Stuff at Lunchtime – April 16, 2017 – Easter 2017

April 16, 2017 – Easter Sunday.   It’s not as though Billy doesn’t know how to eat. He has been on solids now for at least 5 months. However, his upper and lower teeth have now come in, and he has demonstrated incredible strength by holding the spoon with his teeth while being fed. Jimmy, on […]

Brothers @ Play – February 2017

Billy turns 2 months Old

Oh how time flies! Billy just turned 2 months old and is doing great. He has been smiling a lot more in the past couple of weeks and is more kissable than ever. He isn’t sleeping all the way through the night but with a smile like this, who can be upset?

Family Road Trip – Gordonsville, VA

Sol and I were getting bored at home, so we decided to pack up the kids and go for a drive. Sol chose Gordonsville, VA. This was our first “long” trip in the new Kia minivan with the kids. The drive took us out of suburbia through beautiful pastures and rolling hills. On the trip we […]

Jimmy – 15 Months Old – Funny Little Man – June 2016 videos

Videos June 05, 2016 June 25 – 2016 June 19, 2016 Jimmy Playing at Grandma’s walking a few steps

Billy turns 1 month old

Billy turned 1 month old today and is doing very well. It has been an exciting month! Poor little guy has been through so much already! Thankfully he has recovered from the high bilirubin levels and the congestion he experienced in month 1. His eyes are also clearer and it appears that the yellow goop […]

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Sands

Three Rascals – Walmart

Billy was 5 days old when this video was taken. Background: We made a trip to Walmart in the wee hours of the night (1 am on a Saturday morning/Friday night) to get some baby supplies. G had to limit walking after the c-section, and using a motorized cart (Rascal) supplied by Walmart,  was the best […]

Mother’s Day 2016 – Jimmy 13.5 Months Old

Mother’s Day landed on May 08 in 2016. Last year was my first Mother’s day. Jimmy was barely 2 months old, and at that time, little did I know I would be Mommy to 2 boys within the next year. For Mother’s Day, we dropped off a gift to Grandma (Nani Ma) Jatinder before heading […]

JP’s 1st Birthday – Photos

JP Photos – July Photos – 4 months old

JP Photos 2 months old – Doctor’s visit and 1st Vaccines

        The next morning, out little champ was ok. Here he is being super brave in his Batman onesie, gift from Jennifer Pearson.   Video

Hummus & Tuna Salad Sandwiches – Barefoot Contessa

I saw this on food network and it made me actually want to eat Tuna. Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten 2010, Barefoot Contessa How Easy is That?, All Rights Reserved Total Time: 3 hr 25 min Prep: 25 min Inactive: 3 hr Yield: 6 sandwiches Level:Easy Ingredients 14 ounces jarred or canned Italian tuna in […]

Gita’s 1st Mother’s Day – May 2015

It’s already hard to believe that on Mother’s Day last year JP was just a hope we had in our hearts. 2015 is the first year I am a Mom on Mother’s Day. When asked what I wanted for my first Mother’s day I had these three wishes, and they all came true.   Mother’s […]

Front Room Theme of the Moment – Delivery Room

February 2015 – The “Delivery Room” theme On the day of the baby shower, the whole family worked hard to make the house look beautiful for JP’s baby shower. Neetin hung the streamers while Janet and Kim proofed up the gorgeous pom poms. Aunt Martha and Aunt Laura were busy wrapping the cupcakes with coordinating light and […]

Christmas Dinner 2014 – Fried Fish and Chips

We decided to break out the Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer for Christmas, this time to make Fish and Chips. We had leftover oil from the fried turkey in Thanksgiving and thought we would try our hand at Fish and Chips. The fish was made fresh by Solomon while the chips and onion rings were from the […]

Thanksgiving 2014 at Solita’s

YouTube Video : Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer – 2014

Solita Barbecue in Bulk – Sunday Dinner

We were still in the mood for BBQ and had set plans to make extra good and freeze it for later. The results were so tasty that we just kept eating them over and over again daily without complaint until we literally ran out of food! Here is what we made Indian Style Seekh Kabob Burgers […]

Arnab visits for a cooking lesson from Sol

Our close friend Arnab is in on the healthy eating kick and wanted to learn some recipes from Sol. In particular, Arnab was over to learn how to make a simple, freezable ground meat and macaroni dish. We were delighted to see that Arnab had brought his wonderful pet, Hector, with him for this visit. […]

Solita Makes: Home Made Tandoori Grill – PART I

There is nothing quite like the taste of food from a Tandoor oven! Although it is not uncommon to see a tandoor in a kitchen in India, it is a luxury in America. Most tandoor ovens are only found in restaurants and in super luxury homes where they are more for show than for use. […]

Solita’s First Family Pot Luck

Finally after all the chaos of moving and settling into our new home, it was time for us to have family pot luck. We both love the tradition of Sunday night special dinners and want to continue the tradition, especially now that we are so close by to family. With uncle, aunty and two cousins, […]

Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day was extra special in 2014. This was the first year that both Sol and Gita’s mom joined us for Mother’s Day brunch. Janet was visiting us for a week after coming from Kim & Seth’s. After much thought about the menu, we decided to make some homemade French Toast with Sugar Free Fruit […]

Memories – Closet at Herndon Townhouse

I lucked out once again with the closet in my rental in Herndon. Here is a trip down memory lane to one of my favorite closets of all time. 🙂 The best part is, it got even better and bigger once we purchased our Villa.

2011 – Gita & Cousin Gurvinder Play in Las Vegas Poker Tournament

2011 – Gita goes to Vegas with Mom & Family

2011 Christmas in Taos


Memories – Gita goes to Vegas – Poker Tournament with Gurvinder

Memories – Apartment Closet

I love my closets! Here are photos of my closet when I lived in my first apartment

Memories – Apartment Pics

Here is a sweet trip down memory lane. This started out as an apartment that G selected because it was a short drive to work. Nestled safely on the third floor, this apartment was right across the street from a 24 hour grocery store (Harris Teeter) that spoiled us forever! It was centered around tons […]

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