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Master Bedroom Update – 11/24/2018

11/24/2018 –  Received the gray duvet cover and matched it with the new ultrasoft furry throw from At Home. The Taupe is just perfect against all these colors and somehow it all works together. The room has that cozy laid back and soothing feeling. But it also brought to light that this bed is in […]

Playroom Update – November 2018

Bringing out the winter coats motivated us to get the Childcraft cubby that stood in my parents home for decades.  

05/26/2018 – Family Area Evolution – Remove the padding and the baby gates

Valentine’s Day Onesie for JP

I wanted to try out my professional cutting device, the Silhouette Cameo, using iron on vinyl material. I purchased some sparkly red vinyl from and cut out a simple heart shape for JP’s plain white onesie. I thought it would look super cute for Valentine’s and it worked out very well. The teacher’s at […]

How to watch YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Videos using the PS3

How to watch YouTube on PS3 Learn More:   How to watch Amazon Video on PS3 Learn More:     How to watch Hulu on PS3 Learn More:    

Sewing Machine Information – Brother SE270D Sewing and Embroidery Machine

                    Manuals and Documentation for Brother SE270D User Manual – English – UM_SE_270D_EN_6927 Disney Design Info PI_SE_270D_EN_6749 Accessories Catalog –  AC_HE_120_120PKG_240_Innov_ís 900D_LB_6770_LB6770 PRW_LB_6770THRD_SE_270D_350_EN_2337 Quick Start Guide – QSG_SE_270D_EN_345    

Crafts: Turn diaper box into decorative storage

Diaper boxes are durable and sturdy, it’s a shame to have to throw them away or even recycle. The boxes that we purchase also fit perfectly into our kid station in the family room. Once again the internet came through! I found several Pintrest posts about how to reuse/epurpose diaper boxes and was inspired by Red Stick Mom […]

Family Room – Making Room for Baby

Flying the US Flag – Solita Tradition

With Memorial Day 2015 around the corner it was the right time to purchase an American Flag to show our patriotism and admiration for the our home, our country, the United States. We wanted to make sure that we displayed the flag correctly and discovered which provides all the rules and regulations for displaying […]

Nursery Wall Art Part 1 – Crib and Dresser Wall

It’s time to start planning some wall decor. To start here are some photos. Supplies – Already Purchased    

Solita Nursery Room Project – The Dream Comes Alive

This weeks status update photo: May 16, 2015 This week we upgraded the lighting and installed dimmers and the Lotus Chandelier. Read more about the Nursery Lighting Project May 03, 2015 – Red Custom Window Bench Completed This week we make a custom upholstered bench cushion for the window bench. Read more about the Red Custom Window Bench […]

Raised Planters for the Back Yard

Mother’s day is about the time many green thumbs recommend planting tomatoes. Since 2015 was my first Mother’s Day I wanted to start a tradition that would be fun every Mother’s Day, planting something in the garden with the ones our family. One of the things we miss is having our kitchen garden. When we […]

Herndon TH – Photos

Random Photos of our Herndon Townhouse (Herndon TH) Living Room Workroom                        ——————- Bedroom Closet             Gita’s Vanity – Herndon TH Kitchen

Nursery Lighting Project – Completed May 16, 2015

Another step in the Nursery Project in progress.   What started out with the lotus chandelier installation in the nursery ended as an upgrade to the nursery lighting. Lotus Chandelier The Lotus has been with us since 2010. It has made it through two installation in our rentals and found it’s way to the Nursery when […]

Lotus Chandelier | Solita Family Heirloom

Home fashion and decor trends come and go. But there are some items which make it through relocations and make their way into our lives and hearts forever. This page is a gallery of our most cherished home items. Many of these have been repurposed or as we like to say it, “reincarnated” into something […]

Red Bench Cushion for Nursery Window

Another step in the Nursery Project is complete. Ever since the curtains were installed, G & JP have been actually sleeping in the room on an air matress as JP is not ready to sleep alone in the crib. The curtains have helped to keep the room dim if not absolutely dark which is perfect for sleeping during […]

JP’s Nursery – The story about the curtains

The window seat look was meant to be functional. It provides storage, a prop for the baby camera, a comfy spot to sit, and a means of controlling light in the room. The Hunter Douglas shades on the windows allows most of the light in. But in the early AM through most of the day, […]

Nursery Painted!

Finally after waiting and rescheduling, the painter Delbert, finally came and painted JPs nursery. Last weekend, we were at the Benjamin Moore Paint Store finalizing a color for JPs nursery. On this rainy Pi Day (03/14/15) we watched the “Jungle Book” while waiting for the nursery to receive its two coats of Waterfall #2050-50 in […]

Front Room Theme of the Moment – Delivery Room

February 2015 – The “Delivery Room” theme On the day of the baby shower, the whole family worked hard to make the house look beautiful for JP’s baby shower. Neetin hung the streamers while Janet and Kim proofed up the gorgeous pom poms. Aunt Martha and Aunt Laura were busy wrapping the cupcakes with coordinating light and […]

JP’s Baby Showers – February 7, 2015

Christmas 2014 – Our First Christmas at Villa Solita & Expecting our 1st Baby

This being our first Christmas in our new house, we wanted to make sure that we put up some beautiful decorations. We finaly purchased the outdoor spiral topiaries we had been talking about for so long. We also couldn’t resist purchasing a light up elephant lawn piece that reminded us of the theme to the […]

Our Family Room Update – November 2014

It was finally time to get a couch for our family room. The white club chairs although functional, stylish and comfortable, were only providing seating for two and we had to get creative whenever we had company over. We measured our living room space and decided to get a modular sectional with high density cushion […]

Villa Solita: Family Room Progress

Here is our latest progress in decorating/furnishing our family room. We are in no rush to buy furniture just for the sake of filling up a room. We like to take our time and explore our options. Here is the progress so far. Keep checking back for updates! While making decorating decisions, we kept in […]

Utility Room – Transformed into Hobby / Craft Room

Its always a great feeling when your old furniture works in your new homes. We have had these ClosetMaid modular shelves for years! Half of them were purchase new, and the other half were an impulse buy at a garage sale or Craigslist adventure. Over the years these shelves have made their way from apartment rental, […]

The Treasure Hound – Donations that benefit pets!

Contact The Treasure Hound today at 703-263-9073, or visit  We all have donations from time to time. Most of us usually donate to the GoodWill or Purple Heart. If you would like to spread the donations around, here is a great cause to benefit of friends of homeless animals. The Treasure Hound is located in […]

Ideas for Home Furnishings: Family Room with Coffered Ceilings

The Eastman has a lot of architectural details such as the crown molding, octagon tres ceilings, picture frame molding and especially the coffered ceilings in the family room. We have seen these ceilings in luxury homes on TV and a few model homes during our original home search. This classic look has been revived with […]

Ideas for Home Furnishings: Master Closet

I’m not even going to drag Solomon’s name into this! This Pinterest Board below is ALL ME! One of my favorite features of Eastman is the Master closet. It is HUGE (highlighted in pink on the floor plan)! It comes with basic wire wardrobe racks so the sky’s the limit for upgrading to custom closets […]

Noir Elegance – Black Color Palette for Eastman

The word for “Black” in French is Noir. It seems that everything French has an elegance about it. One of the color palettes I have selected for Eastman is one I like to call Noir Elegance. It is clean, chic and eye catching. I have found several photos on Houzz and Pinterest that have that […]

Neutral Chic Paint Colors

Neutral Paint Color – Ideas for our new home We have been picking out paint colors for the walls in Eastman. Here are some of the inspirational room photos that have neautral/beige tones. We have been collecting Neutral Chic Color Palettes  on a  Pinterest Board (Click Here). Please check the board for more photos descriptions of the […]

Gray-Blue Color Palettes for Wall Colors

Gray Color Palette – Ideas for Gray Wall We have been picking out paint colors for the walls in Eastman. Here are some of the inspirational room photos that have blue/grayish color schemes. We have been collecting Grey-Blue Color Palettes  on a  Pinterest Board (Click Here). Please check the board for more photos descriptions of the color […]

Ideas for our Home Office Furniture & Decor

We can’t wait to create a workspace for both of us in our new home! Here is a look at our Pinterest Board where we collect all of our ideas from all over the internet! [pinterest-master]                

Pinterest: 3rd Floor Master Suite

I am so excited about this room! It has so much space inside the his and her closet. The master bathroom has a large glass shower and a tub. More importantly it has a ton of space for two people to get ready at the same time, and has a great closet for linens inside […]

Pinterest: 2nd Floor Dining Room

Here is the Pinterest board for ideas on how to decorate the dining room. [pinterest-master] Thanks for viewing!

Pinterest: 1st Floor Mudroom

Here are some ideas for a mudroom. We have a small storage area next to the garage entrance which would be a perfect place for storing winter coats, gloves and every day jackets, keys, umbrellas etc. Here our board from Pinterest with ideas and products for mudrooms.   [pinterest-master]       Thanks  

Pinterest : 1st Floor Entrance / Recreation Room

An entrance is an all important area of a home. It sets the tone for the rest of the house. This was actually a tricky area for us because we had a choice to turn it into a bedroom or leave it open with a recreational area. In the end we decided that we could […]

Pinterest Board: 2nd Floor Home Decor

The 2nd floor includes the Living Room, Gourmet Kitchen and Dining Room. The floor plan is incredibly familiar to the rental townhouse. The picture is from the fully decorated model. This photo provides an angle as you come back inside from the 2nd floor patio.         [pinterest-master]        

Pinterest Board : 2nd Floor – Our Chocolate Kitchen

The inspiration of our kitchen comes from our love of chocolate. We want a kitchen that has the colors of chocolate. The stainless steel applianceswill help to lighten up the space, while the pendant lights will provide touch of glamour chic BLING BLING! Here are some shots from my Pinterest Board where we have collected […]

Memories – Apartment Closet

I love my closets! Here are photos of my closet when I lived in my first apartment

Gita Makes – Envelope Pillow Case | Home Decor Project

Background Story I purchased a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine in 2009 but never really had a chance to use it until recently. After several years of sitting in the box, I finally had an opportunity, and the interest, to open up the box and learn to use it. It took me a few hours […]

IKEA – Lighted Wall Unit for Living Room

I  love trips to Ikea! What’s more I love having left over pieces from past creations that can be reused for new masterpieces! In the apartment I had a wall panel TV unit which I am giving a new purpose in the townhouse I am renting. The living room needs light in the evenings and […]

Gita Makes – A New Door Wreath for Spring

Spring is filled with beautiful colors and flowers. I had already purchased fabric for my Spring Pillow Cover project and happen to be at Michael’s Craft Store just at the right time to find matching artificial tulips at low prices 🙂 To make this wreath I used a wicker wreath form and artificial flowers with the […]

Mannequin/Dressform Pushpin Project | My First Sewing Project

The Mannequin Pushpin Project This was my first sewing project in my adult life not including the odd button replacement or simple wardrobe repair. I had not used the sewing machine before so this was a perfect test project for me to get to know the machine. I had some trouble in the beginning and so […]

Home Decorating – Gita Decorates Apartment Dining Room

I got my first apartment in 2010 and took my time to furnish it and decorate it. I was on a tight budget and could only afford to do one or two pieces at a time. But thanks to visiting a range of furniture galleries, and making incredible purchases through Cragslist, I was able to […]

IKEA – Extra large entertainment unit with Led Lights – Still somewhat in progress

So my LCD TV died and I was looking for a replacement. Since the new townhouse had a larger space in for a TV I decided to explore my options and found an amazing deal on an Open Box TV at Best Buy. This one was the demo that was on the wall. The price […]

IKEA – Custom Kitchen Juice Bar with Stainless Steel Top

The Old Bar I gave it a shot be my awesome Craigslist purchase that worked in the apartment was not working out in the townhouse. It clashed against the beautiful and functional white unit that we built just a few months earlier.   The New Bar That is more like it! We took an IKEA set and changed […]

IKEA – Huge Kitchen Storage Solution with LED lights

New Kitchen, New Storage Issues I was excited to move out of the apartment and into a townhouse rental. One of the compromises was going to be the kitchen. I got all the basics that I needed, it had gas and it had working refrigerator, dishwasher and an island as a bonus. However, there was some […]

(First Ever) IKEA Project – Geeked Out – Wall Mount with LED Light Backed Glass Panels

This is how it all started! It was 2011, I was living in my first apartment and I didn’t have much furniture. I did have a TV that migrated from floor, to dresser, to one of those slim tables that goes on the back of a sofa. I needed an entertainment unit on a budget […]

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