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Sound Objects Game

Recreating one of Jimmy’s favorite school learning activities at home. Jimmy’s teacher, Miss Kari, sent a few photos of this game and invited me to come by the class so she could explain. Jimmy called is Sound Objects. You take a random object (or picture) from a basket and match it to the letter that […]

Jimmy 2018 School Days

Background I saw a photo from preschool from Ms Kari. She mentioned that Jimmy loves this game.

Saying Goodbye to Infant Things – Gifted to a friend of a friend

20180311_181932 March 11, 2018 He’s are the photographs that were taken just before we gave them away to a new mom. Thanks to Erika M who knew a young lady having her first baby. These things all were lovingly used by our boys and we are so glad that another little boy will use them […]

A Visit to Montessori School

It was fall open house time and I wanted to see what activities the boys were working on at school. This is always a wonderful way of getting ideas for activities for our boys at home. Here is what I saw in the young Toddlers and preschoolers classes. Was really impressed and got some ideas […]

Toys: Button Nail Game

Button Nails We found these at Walmart and I’ve seen it on Amazon. Jimmy really enjoys this game. He loves to pick from the many patterns that come in the set.

School Pictures – 2018

Jimmy & Billy’s Fall 2018 School Photos It’s that time of year again! Jimmy and Billy are growing up so fast. This year Billy had a scratch on his nose from a little accident at school involving a hammock. Still cute as a button though. Jimmy is starting to look more and more like a […]

Solomon H’s 4th Birthday & Monkey Joe’s In Door Playground – Bouncy House

Solomon H’s 4th Birthday & Monkey Joes Solomon’s 4th Birthday @ Monkey Joe’s – The Cake Cutting – Jimmy’s classmate and friend, Solomon, had his 4th birthday at Monkey Joe’s. Billy was also in attendance (sitting next to Jimmy). A wonderful day with great energy and great vibes. The boys had a wonderful time bouncing, […]

Halloween 2018 – Jimmy & Billy go Trick or Treat as Blippi

Halloween with Jimmy & Billy These two love Blippii! And Billy wants to do everything his big brother wants so we got them both Blippi costumes. As Jimmy explains, there are many parts to this costume! Since it was cold out, we put the Blippy costumes over their hoodies. Here they are, the two Blippis! […]

Playroom Evolution – March 11, 2018

Playroom and Family Room After Spring Cleaning March 2018 As we approached Spring 2018, it was time to put away the winter clothes and gear and start putting together a donation basket. While reviewing the clothes, we also started to notice that there were toys that the boys had outgrown and could also be donated. […]

Saying Goodbye to Toys – Donating Toys to the Vietnam Veterans of America

                        There are many options for what to do with toys and we were interested in donations. During our latest playroom update we realized that the boys had outgrown many of the toys and some were becoming a hazard. It was time to say […]

05/26/2018 – Family Area Evolution – Remove the padding and the baby gates

BIlly’s Room Makeover

Jimmy & Billy Videos Playlist – YouTube

Watch Jimmy & Billy’s latest video on this playlist. You can subscribe to the list when you are in YouTube, meaning you can receive a notification every time a new video is added.  

Toddler Tunes – Jimmy’s Favorite

Jimmy LOVES music. He has been jamming to songs since before he was a year old. Now he loves to memorize nursery rhymes every day. Educational Songs ABCs 123s Colors Shapes Animals (Old McDonald, Let’s go to the zoo) Days of the Week Senses (Listen, what do you hear, I see something Blue/Pink) Relationships (Mommy, […]

Billy & Jimmy Funny Stuff at Lunchtime – April 16, 2017 – Easter 2017

April 16, 2017 – Easter Sunday.   It’s not as though Billy doesn’t know how to eat. He has been on solids now for at least 5 months. However, his upper and lower teeth have now come in, and he has demonstrated incredible strength by holding the spoon with his teeth while being fed. Jimmy, on […]

Happy Birthday Jimmy! – A Cupcake Celebration at School with Grandpa!

Jimmy’s 2nd Birthday! March 24, 2017 – Jimmy definitely knew it was a special day on his 2nd birthday (2017). We wanted to make sure the little guy had a day where he felt truly special and I think we accomplished that!   To start, Jimmy had his favorite breakfast (of Kings), Pancakes with a […]

Jimmy Videos @ Minnieland

Jimmy @ Minnieland

Photos of Jimmy learning and playing at Minnieland.   Jimmy the Artist  

Billy @ Minnieland

Pictures of Billy @ Minnieland These pictures were printed out by the teachers and displayed around the classrooms as part of visual play and decoration.

Billy & Jimmy in the big boy cart @ Walmart

Billy is finally big enough to join his brother in the 2 Kid cart at Walmart.

Billy’s First Teeth! – 9 months Old

Billy is a cutie pie! Just being sweet! – Feb 2017

Published on Feb 20, 2017

Daddy spins Jimmy round and round – February 2017

  Published on Feb 12, 2017

Billy tries Chicken And Rice baby food – 8 months old

Jimmy’s Favorite Books – Age 1 – 2

Jimmy loves to read. His teachers at Minnieland tell us all the time. Every night before bed Jimmy requires that we read several books together. Some of his favorites are included in the photos below.  

Christmas 2016

The most wonderful time of the year is back! What a year! This will be Billy’s first Christmas but he has (veteran) big brother Jimmy to show him all the things there are to know about Christmas. As always, it seem that focus is the presents, but it really is the people who share the […]

Halloween 2016 @ Minnieland

Billy Starts Minnieland – 3 months Old

Maternity leave seems to fly by so quickly. In a flash, Billy was almost 3 moths old and mommy was ready to return to work. Thankfully, Billy and Jimmy would attend the same child care center, and Jimmy’s infant class teachers would be caring for Billy. Here are some photos of Billy’s first day at […]

Billy turns 2 months Old

Oh how time flies! Billy just turned 2 months old and is doing great. He has been smiling a lot more in the past couple of weeks and is more kissable than ever. He isn’t sleeping all the way through the night but with a smile like this, who can be upset?

Jimmy – 15 Months Old – Funny Little Man – June 2016 videos

Videos June 05, 2016 June 25 – 2016 June 19, 2016 Jimmy Playing at Grandma’s walking a few steps

Billy turns 1 month old

Billy turned 1 month old today and is doing very well. It has been an exciting month! Poor little guy has been through so much already! Thankfully he has recovered from the high bilirubin levels and the congestion he experienced in month 1. His eyes are also clearer and it appears that the yellow goop […]

Jimmy 14 Months Old – June 2016

                                                            Videos: June 19, 2016

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Sands

Jimmy in Cookie Monster Pajamas

Three Rascals – Walmart

Billy was 5 days old when this video was taken. Background: We made a trip to Walmart in the wee hours of the night (1 am on a Saturday morning/Friday night) to get some baby supplies. G had to limit walking after the c-section, and using a motorized cart (Rascal) supplied by Walmart,  was the best […]

Welcome to the world – Billy

May 16, 2016 our son William Jai was born. Weighing 8lbs 10 oz our beautiful baby boy was perfect. Here are some photos of our stay at the hospital.   Video  

Last Week of Work before Billy – Gita 39 Weeks Pregnant

Mother’s Day 2016 – Jimmy 13.5 Months Old

Mother’s Day landed on May 08 in 2016. Last year was my first Mother’s day. Jimmy was barely 2 months old, and at that time, little did I know I would be Mommy to 2 boys within the next year. For Mother’s Day, we dropped off a gift to Grandma (Nani Ma) Jatinder before heading […]

Jimmy Dancing – Just plain cuteness – May 2016 – 13.5 Months Old

Jimmy Lots of Videos from April 2016 – 1 Year Old

Videos April 01, 2016 April 08, 2016 Jimmy discovers himself on selfie video April 14, 2016 Jimmy Plays with Dished at Grandma’s House April 21, 2016 Jimmy caught standing up for the first time – sings “One little finger” song April 21, 2016 Jimmy and Mommy Selfie April 26, 2016 Jimmy in HT cart having […]

Jimmy 13 Months Old – Riding a cart at Harris Teeter

JP’s 1st Birthday Videos

JP’s 1st Birthday and his first taste of Mommy’s homemade cup cake   Recipes for Cake and Frosting Recipe for Swan’s Down 1-2-3-4 Cake  – I made the cake the night before Recipe for “Not Too Sweet” frosting   JP opening presents after dinner.

JP’s 1st Birthday – Photos

JP at School –

JP’s teachers at child care just love him. They often send us photos of him being sweet and playing. Here are some that Ms. Masooda sent us in March 2016. The weather has been nice and the kids are finally going outside.  

Baby “B” – HDLive 3D/4D Ultrasound – 27 Weeks 1 Day Old

Valentine’s Day Onesie for JP

I wanted to try out my professional cutting device, the Silhouette Cameo, using iron on vinyl material. I purchased some sparkly red vinyl from and cut out a simple heart shape for JP’s plain white onesie. I thought it would look super cute for Valentine’s and it worked out very well. The teacher’s at […]

JP’s 1st Christmas

Christmas 2015 – JP just turned 9 months old and had a wonderful 1st Christmas! He was all dressed up and very excited to open and play with his new presents.

JP – 8 Months – Moose Outfit

JP was looking super cute and cuddly in this 3 Piece Carter Moose Outfit from Lindsay and Kathy

JP’s 1st Thanksgiving – 2015

Just 8 months old, JP went on his first airplane ride to see family in Texas. This was a very special occasion because it was also the 90th Birthday Celebration for Great Grandma Ingram.                                 JP with Daddy and Great […]

JP – 8 Months Old – Video – How Big is JP? THIS BIG!

              Grandma (Nanny) has taught JP how to respond to “How big is JP?” See the video below. We are so blessed to have such a sweet, healthy, happy little boy      

JP’s First Halloween – 7 Months Old – 2015

JP at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house – 5+ months old (September 20, 2015)

Family Room – Making Room for Baby

JP – 5 Months Old – Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo YouTube Video This video was taken in late August 2015 when JP was only 5 months old. He absolutely loves his jumperoo.  

Making Homemade Baby Food for JP

Now almost 5 months old, JP has graduated from formula to rice cereal and oatmeal cereal at least once a day. JP was showing definite interest in the foods we were eating and so we thought it was time to introduce new foods for JP. When starting baby on new foods, it is best to […]

JP Photos – July Photos – 4 months old

JP starts solid foods – 4 months old

After a clean bill of health at his 4 month checkup, we took the doctor’s advice and started JP on rice flakes and oatmeal cereal, heavily diluted in formula. At first we added a little to his formula, and slowly we worked our way up to 1 tablespoon of cereal to3-4 tablespoons of formula. Here […]

Sol’s first Father’s Day 2015

JP Photos 2 months old – Doctor’s visit and 1st Vaccines

        The next morning, out little champ was ok. Here he is being super brave in his Batman onesie, gift from Jennifer Pearson.   Video

June 2015 – Feeling blessed and beautiful

This year for my birthday, Sol sent me for a day at the spa. Just 1 week before I start back up at work, I had the full treatment from head to toe. The day even included a delicious salad at the spa. So wonderful!   The best birthday gift ever is this little guy! […]

JP’s Overalls – 3.5 Months Old

Villa Solita – The JP Baby Station

April 2015 – Starting phase – After JP was born, we had to make space for his feeding items such as bottles and formula. It sounds like such a short list but in reality is it bottles, nipples, collars, caps something to sterilize the bottles, bottle warmer, formula, electric water kettle (optional), and some sort […]

JP Photos – Week ending 05/31/2015

What a fun filled week! JP participated in his first Memorial Day and spent a little time out with the neighbors for a bar-b-que. This was also the first time we cleared out his closet to sort out clothes that fit, clothes that we will donate, and clothes that we will keep for a future […]

Family Photos – Week ending May 24, 2015

This was a busy week in our home, as we were working in home projects to welcome baby JP into each of the spaces we spend time in most. After some thought we decided to make some changes on the main floor Family Area to make it easier to care for JP. This was also […]

JP Photos – Week ending May 17, 2015


Solita Nursery Room Project – The Dream Comes Alive

This weeks status update photo: May 16, 2015 This week we upgraded the lighting and installed dimmers and the Lotus Chandelier. Read more about the Nursery Lighting Project May 03, 2015 – Red Custom Window Bench Completed This week we make a custom upholstered bench cushion for the window bench. Read more about the Red Custom Window Bench […]

JP – Letter, Photos and a Gift from Aunt Martha & Laura – April 2015

We were delighted to receive a large manila envelope in the mail addressed to JP. It was from Aunt Martha & Laura. It contained a printout of the photos they took of JP during their visit in early April. There was also a cute, soft elephant rattle for JP. What a wonderful surprise 🙂  

JP & Daddy – May 11th 2015

Sol is a wonderful father. When he comes home from work, he can’t wait to grab JP and give him lots of love. Here are some photos of him feeding JP his bottle and burping him.

Gita’s 1st Mother’s Day – May 2015

It’s already hard to believe that on Mother’s Day last year JP was just a hope we had in our hearts. 2015 is the first year I am a Mom on Mother’s Day. When asked what I wanted for my first Mother’s day I had these three wishes, and they all came true.   Mother’s […]

JP Outfit of the Day – Sunglasses

Cuteness Warning! Dimples Ahead! Lock up your daughters! This baby accessories goodie bag was part of the gifts I received from my friends in Facilities at STG.               Now that JP and I were strolling about the neighborhood more often, JP  was often squinting with the sun in his eyes. […]

Red Bench Cushion for Nursery Window

Another step in the Nursery Project is complete. Ever since the curtains were installed, G & JP have been actually sleeping in the room on an air matress as JP is not ready to sleep alone in the crib. The curtains have helped to keep the room dim if not absolutely dark which is perfect for sleeping during […]

JP’s Outfit of the day – April 23, 2015

        JP wearing Salmon pink and Blue striped shirt and Jeans – Gift from PaIi Massi. JP was looking sporty and cozy in this ensamble to match mommy’s pink hoody and denim. Great to wear when strolling about the neighborhood to see Grandpa (Nana Ji) after lunch. Also seen with white spotted teddy […]

JP’s Outfit of the Day – April 22, 2015

Striped Onesie with Dark Blue Elephant Bottoms – Gift from Pali Massi Mommy’s little man was very cuddly in this full sleeved blue and white striped onesie and dark blue pants with the elephant on the bottom. Great for lounging, tummy time on the Piano Gym Play Mat, or cuddling up with mommy Mommy wasn’t […]

JP goes for his first stroller ride to Nana & Nani’s house

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so mommy and JP went for a stroll to his granparent’s (Nana & Nani) house. YouTube Video of our Stroll Photos from our stroll

JP turns 4 weeks old – dresses up

JP turned 4 weeks old toady and dressed up for the occassion. This onesie was a gift from my friends Joanne and John Sp. If JP could talk I believe he would say something like “My name is Sand … JP Sands. I like my formula Shaken … not stirred.”      

JP Photo of the Week – Monday April 20 – 26th

Lindsay and Kathy visit JP – Tuesday April 21                                             Bruce and Janet visit – Wenesday, April 22        

JP Photos from this week.

JP turned 3 Weeks old this week. The next doctors appointmen is not until June so we didn’t get a weight and height measurement on our every growing little man. On Sunday, JP’s umbillcal chord finally fell out right in time for a visit from Deepa Aunty. This week JP and mommy tried out the Boba […]

March 29, 2015 – JP’s Outfit of the Day – March Madness – Daddy’s Little MVB

Daddy’s little MVB (Most Valuable Baby) – Just in time for March Madness! We found this in the box that Evan and Becca gave us. The booties were a gift from Marlene. They were perfect with the outfit!

JP Meets Mamma and Mammi Ji – 1 Week Old Today

JP is Born – Our stay at the hospital

We will never forget the day our first child, JP was born. It was a long day of laboring which ending with a beautiful, healthy boy who stole all our hearts. This gallery contains photos of our hospital stay from March 24 through March

Nursery Painted!

Finally after waiting and rescheduling, the painter Delbert, finally came and painted JPs nursery. Last weekend, we were at the Benjamin Moore Paint Store finalizing a color for JPs nursery. On this rainy Pi Day (03/14/15) we watched the “Jungle Book” while waiting for the nursery to receive its two coats of Waterfall #2050-50 in […]

Baby Essentials – What’s Left to Purchase?

Crib Mattress – AMAZON Mattress Research What features to look for in a baby crib mattress and what brands are recommended. – Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers Ultra Deluxe 2 n 1 Crib and Toddler Mattress, Neutral               Changing Pad for Changing Table – Purchased Summer Infant […]

Picking Paint Color for JPs Nursery

Sol found a painter who will be painting the nursery hopefully just in time for JP’s arrival. We booked the painter for the weekend of March 14th but still needed to make a paint color selection for the room. The painter recommended Benjamin Moore – Regal Egg Shell as the brand and paint finish for a […]

JP – Spoiled Little Prince James

After both the work and the family baby shower, Solomon left for a week in Ft. Eustis while I had a crazy week at my office. It wasn’t until that Thursday night that we both had an opportunity to take in all the excitement of the week. Even after the baby shower, there were gifts […]

Front Room Theme of the Moment – Delivery Room

February 2015 – The “Delivery Room” theme On the day of the baby shower, the whole family worked hard to make the house look beautiful for JP’s baby shower. Neetin hung the streamers while Janet and Kim proofed up the gorgeous pom poms. Aunt Martha and Aunt Laura were busy wrapping the cupcakes with coordinating light and […]

JP’s Baby Showers – February 7, 2015

Guess JPs Birthday – Lottery

After the baby shower our family and friends put down their best guess of when they think our son JP will be born. We even took the dates from 2 fortune cookies. Solomon and I picked the first fortune. A special family friend named Dr. Cadet (c/o Aunt Martha Sands) opened the second fortune cookie. […]

Baby Journals – Week 30 – Happy New Year

Still the happiest pregnant woman in the world. Sol and I enjoyed a wonderful evening with our Stars and Bars poker family. Most of them didn’t know we are expecting and were very happy for us. The evening ended with Solly bringing home some extra cash from great poker play. It also ignited his desire […]

Baby Journals – Week 29 – Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas week and I have been feeling very joyous and reflective on all that has happen last Christmas. Last Christmas we were renting a townhouse and were spending Christmas in CO with family. This year, we are expecting our baby boy and we wanted to celebrate our family, home and blessings. We decorated our […]

Baby Nursery Ideas – Pinterest Board

The first time we saw our townhouse, I knew this would one day be the nursery. The room has, for the most part, remained empty awaiting the day that Solomon and I reach full nesting mode. I tried my hardest not to come into this room until after my first trimester screening. And strangely enough, […]

3D/4D Ultrasound Session at InfantSee4D – JP at 27 Weeks 4 Days (December 13, 2014)

Background A holiday gift from Gita’s Mom & Dad, a 30 minute session for 3D/4D Ultrasound to see our little boy at 27 weeks 4 Days. This type of ultrasound is not always available at the OB/GYN and is considered an elective ultrasound. Most photos from the standard 2D ultrasound make it difficult to see […]

Baby Journals – Week 28 – Counting Kicks and Blessings

This week was filled with excitement. We finally decided on a nursery set (crib and changing table) for our little one, and Mom and Dad were prepared to purchase it for us from Great Beginnings (Read more about it here). This was also on the same day as Sol’s birthday which made the occasion even […]

Baby Journals – Week 27 – Peek a Boo, I See You in 3D Baby

This week I was totally preoccupied with the excitement of seeing our baby boy in the 3D/4D ultrasound. I was so happy that Erika could make it and meet my crazy family. Seeing our litle boy was an amazing experience. He looks just like his daddy which tickles me to pieces. He has Sol’s face, […]

Baby Journals – Week 26 – The Spirit of Giving

It is easy sometime to get carried away in ones own life. I have for the most part been enjoying my 2nd trimester of the pregnancy and have realized that this has a lot to do with my surrounding and environment. I have a wonderful, caring husband who has been extremely supportive and sensitive to […]

Baby Journal – Week ?? – Thanksgiving and Dad’s Birthday

Thanksgiving week is one of our favorite time of the year and 2014 is also the first year that we were celebrating Thanksgiving in our new house. This year we decided to do try something a little different. Sol and I found ourselves sucked into an infomercial for a Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer and had […]

Baby’s Nursery Shopping Trips

Shopping for Baby Babies need love and attention above all, but there is no denying that they also require stuff! We had picked out a nursery/child’s room the first time we saw the townhouse. After staring at it for quite some time we started browsing around baby stores and online to figure out what to […]

Baby Journals – Week 24 – Wedding Anniversary Week 24

Baby Journals – Week 23 – A Visit from Wendy, Natalie and Eden and Halloween idea for baby (next year)

This week cousins Wendy and Natalie came to visit us with their baby daughter Eden. Although I wasn’t able to take time off, it gave me a chance to pick their brain about baby questions. Eden is an adorable little girl with tons of personality. She is smart and well behaved. Most of all I […]

Baby Journals – Week 22 – October 24

This week Sol and I shared with the world (through FaceBook) that we are expecting. This was just after my 2nd trimester screening appointment. Sol wasn’t with me during the 13 week screening when our little baby started to look human for the first time. I was so excited to see his reaction and Mom […]

We’re Pregnant! – July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014 – Food Poisoning or Morning Sickness? I woke up feeling quite normal and ready for my morning workout. I weighed in at 162 lbs this morning, a little higher than I had hoped but probably due to a late night indulgence. The night before, my brother, Neetin and I had made a late […]

Billy “Commando Crawls” – Christmas 2016

Billy starts to crawl by commando crawling or dragging himself all over the place.

Adventures of the Solita family!