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Saying Goodbye to Infant Things – Gifted to a friend of a friend

20180311_181932 March 11, 2018 He’s are the photographs that were taken just before we gave them away to a new mom. Thanks to Erika M who knew a young lady having her first baby. These things all were lovingly used by our boys and we are so glad that another little boy will use them […]

A Visit to Montessori School

It was fall open house time and I wanted to see what activities the boys were working on at school. This is always a wonderful way of getting ideas for activities for our boys at home. Here is what I saw in the young Toddlers and preschoolers classes. Was really impressed and got some ideas […]

BIlly’s Room Makeover

JP starts solid foods – 4 months old

After a clean bill of health at his 4 month checkup, we took the doctor’s advice and started JP on rice flakes and oatmeal cereal, heavily diluted in formula. At first we added a little to his formula, and slowly we worked our way up to 1 tablespoon of cereal to3-4 tablespoons of formula. Here […]

Nursery Wall Art Part 1 – Crib and Dresser Wall

It’s time to start planning some wall decor. To start here are some photos. Supplies – Already Purchased    

Solita Nursery Room Project – The Dream Comes Alive

This weeks status update photo: May 16, 2015 This week we upgraded the lighting and installed dimmers and the Lotus Chandelier. Read more about the Nursery Lighting Project May 03, 2015 – Red Custom Window Bench Completed This week we make a custom upholstered bench cushion for the window bench. Read more about the Red Custom Window Bench […]

Nursery Lighting Project – Completed May 16, 2015

Another step in the Nursery Project in progress.   What started out with the lotus chandelier installation in the nursery ended as an upgrade to the nursery lighting. Lotus Chandelier The Lotus has been with us since 2010. It has made it through two installation in our rentals and found it’s way to the Nursery when […]

Red Bench Cushion for Nursery Window

Another step in the Nursery Project is complete. Ever since the curtains were installed, G & JP have been actually sleeping in the room on an air matress as JP is not ready to sleep alone in the crib. The curtains have helped to keep the room dim if not absolutely dark which is perfect for sleeping during […]

JP’s Nursery – The story about the curtains

The window seat look was meant to be functional. It provides storage, a prop for the baby camera, a comfy spot to sit, and a means of controlling light in the room. The Hunter Douglas shades on the windows allows most of the light in. But in the early AM through most of the day, […]

How to make Bench Cushions for JP’s Nursery Window

JP’s nursery is coming together. This week Sol assembled and secured the Ikea Kallax shelving unit to create storage and a window bench in JP’s room. It’s time to add a bench cushion for the space but we are not likely to find one in the exact deminsions of our unit, so we will have […]

Aquariums for those without an aquarium

While visiting Kim and Seth in Colorado on Christmas of 2013, we also met the twins for the first time. The adorable pair seemed almost hypnotized by the large fish tank in the couples work space. The twins seemed mesmorized for hours Solomon reminded me of the acquarium this week as we are putting the final […]

Nursery Painted!

Finally after waiting and rescheduling, the painter Delbert, finally came and painted JPs nursery. Last weekend, we were at the Benjamin Moore Paint Store finalizing a color for JPs nursery. On this rainy Pi Day (03/14/15) we watched the “Jungle Book” while waiting for the nursery to receive its two coats of Waterfall #2050-50 in […]

Baby Essentials – What’s Left to Purchase?

Crib Mattress – AMAZON Mattress Research What features to look for in a baby crib mattress and what brands are recommended. – Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers Ultra Deluxe 2 n 1 Crib and Toddler Mattress, Neutral               Changing Pad for Changing Table – Purchased Summer Infant […]

JP – Spoiled Little Prince James

After both the work and the family baby shower, Solomon left for a week in Ft. Eustis while I had a crazy week at my office. It wasn’t until that Thursday night that we both had an opportunity to take in all the excitement of the week. Even after the baby shower, there were gifts […]

Front Room Theme of the Moment – Delivery Room

February 2015 – The “Delivery Room” theme On the day of the baby shower, the whole family worked hard to make the house look beautiful for JP’s baby shower. Neetin hung the streamers while Janet and Kim proofed up the gorgeous pom poms. Aunt Martha and Aunt Laura were busy wrapping the cupcakes with coordinating light and […]

Baby’s Crib & Changing Table

After going on several shopping trips for the baby, we finally decided on a beautiful nursery set from Great Beginnings. This beautiful washed gray color crib and double dresser/changing table. The crib converts to a toddler bed and finally to a full size bed with the optional conversion kit. The double dresser has an optional […]

Baby Nursery Ideas – Pinterest Board

The first time we saw our townhouse, I knew this would one day be the nursery. The room has, for the most part, remained empty awaiting the day that Solomon and I reach full nesting mode. I tried my hardest not to come into this room until after my first trimester screening. And strangely enough, […]

Baby’s Nursery Shopping Trips

Shopping for Baby Babies need love and attention above all, but there is no denying that they also require stuff! We had picked out a nursery/child’s room the first time we saw the townhouse. After staring at it for quite some time we started browsing around baby stores and online to figure out what to […]

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