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Halloween Coloring Pages

J&B are excited about Halloween! Here are some coloring pages for Halloween. All of these are from Google Images I

Coloring Pages

Basement Evolution 2020

The COVID-19 virus has changed our lives. With an abundance of caution school have closed in favor of online learning. We are fortunate that both our jobs allow us to work from home. It took some getting used to but over time we started to manage working from home with kids. It also shifted our […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Great Explorations 3-D Planets Great Explorations 3-D Planets

Jimmy is learning about Space and the planets. What a wonderful way to learn and connect than with this set of planets. Families with infants please be aware of chocking hazard. Great Explorations 3-D Planets In…

J&B’s First Globe – Shifu Orboot Smart Globe with App Jimmy has been learning about the earth and continents. He can already name them all at age 5. To encourage his curiosity we thought a globe might be a great way to encourage learning. While searching for a globe for children I came across is model and was instantly amazed. You do load the […]

Lego hand me down from Mommy to J&B

The day had finally come whe Grandpa Ben brought over my childhood Legos. These were my first legos mixed in with newer sets from my brother Neetin. There was even a semi-assembled spacecraft that immediately caught Jimmy’s attention. This brought back so many memories and I knew they would provide hours of fun for Jimmy […]

Kid Activity Pro-Tip from Aunt Martha & Aunt Laura

On their last visit in 2018, Aunt M&L visited baring gifts. They came across this collection of random children’s activity books and readers and brought them for Jimmy & Billy. At the time the boys were not quite old enough to really appreciate these and I saved them for when the time was right. I […]

Solita Playschool – Family Room Evolution – Update April 2020

Latest Update of the Playroom. Just one more photo before we change things up again. Do far we believe the space has been fun, cozy and efficient at keeping things organized and in their place. The magnetic child locks on the doors are especially effective in keeping things with pieces together. Top Shelf: Puzzles Bottom […]

Magformers – Dinosaur building fun

Jimmy, age 5, loves to follow the instructions to build one of many dinosaurs from the included instruction manual. Not just Dinos …

Magnet Tiles for learning 3D Shapes

This was more than just a fun toy. It ended up being a tool we used to help Jimmy understand 3D Shapes. The magnet tiles allow us to create 3D models that could be taken apart and put back together again. Jimmy was loved this!

J&B Dinosaur Trivia

Brothers quizzing each other on dinosaur trivia. Ages 4 and 5. It’s never too early to learn about dinosaurs!

Learning 3D Shapes

Jimmy has been learning his 3D shapes. During COVID-19 he continued his individual lessons with Miss Angela. He was assigned drawings which incorporate the 3D shapes. For example: an ice cream cone is a cone with a sphere. A rocket is a cylinder shape with a cone top. I took notes during his lesson with […]

Cars Memory Game – Great Grandma’s Birthday Gift

A wonderful birthday gift from Great Grandma Carol, Jimmy received this Disney Cars Matching Game that the boys really enjoy! Here they are playing. It is easy enough, simply pick 2 cards and find the ones that match… so easy you miss some! This is a game we play a couple times a week during […]

Dinosaur Game – Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore

Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore This was the game we played today. The boys each took turns picking a dinosaur, naming the dinosaur species, and then selecting whether the dinosaur was carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore by placing it on a particular side of the mat. The idea came from scenes in Jurassic park where various species […]

Online Pre-K During COVID-19

Effective March 23, 2020, the Governor announced all public schools closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. With the social distancing order, we are not permitted to send our children to school. Luckily, technology has allowed us to adapt and adjust for the sake of our children’s continued learning. TCM Montessori is has […]

Cute pics of kids 2020

Billy being extra cute and cuddly over the new years holiday 2020.

Jimmy’s Christmas Mug – Gift from Miss Angela

Holiday mug with gingerbread house. A gift from Miss Angela that looked a lot like our actual Gingerbread House!

Train Show @ Dulles Expo

Video Our first family visit to a train show! The boys are aware of Christmas this year and we have been taking them to as many festive events around. The expo was filled with “Everything Trains” including fine art, new and used train toys for kids and special train pieces for the serious collector. There […]

Winter activities with boys

Planning activities for the kids this winter to make the most of this beautiful holiday season. Arts & Crafts This year we felt the boys were ready to do some arts and crafts for winter. Mommy brought out the Sizzix Die Cutter and the boys really enjoyed turning the crank and making winter papercraft. Mommy […]

Sidharth’s 4th Birthday

Jimmy and friends have a great time at Sid’s 4th Birthday. Photos

School Pictures 2019

Fall 2019! We are so pleased with the way these photos came out. The boys are growing up so fast!

2019 Fall Haircuts

It was a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. We took the boys for hair cuts at Cartoon Clips. The boys were well behaved so we took them to the indoor playground and the rides before happy meals and cake pops. It’s good to be these two. We wouldn’t have it any other way Photos

Solita Family Halloween 2019

Jimmy’s 4th Birthday @ Monkey Joe – March 2019

Jimmy & Billy – Summer 2018 @ Minnieland

Each summer, our kids school is out for a week to allow training and development. During that time the kids spend a week at Minnieland! A very different environment for these two. No uniforms, lots of outdoor play space and of course Miss Masooda, Miss Bahar and the wonderful teachers at Minnieland. Here are photos […]

Jimmy Cooking in School July 2019

  Jimmy, Billy and classmates learn to cook! We love that the school allows children to practice kitchen safety and cooking. We had no idea both Jimmy and Billy were interested in cooking until seeing these pics from the school. Sol and I believe cooking is a shared responsibility as a family. While the boys […]

Jimmy and Billy July 2019 School Days

July 31, 2019 is National Avocado Day In celebration, the kids got to make avocado and toast for lunch. Billy as usual looks so cute!

Billy’s 3rd Birthday

Gifts from Family

2019 Rishi’s Birthday

Videos Jimmy and Billy’s friend Rishi had his birthday at Monkey Joe’s. Photos

Jimmy’s 4th Birthday

Sound Objects Game

Recreating one of Jimmy’s favorite school learning activities at home. Jimmy’s teacher, Miss Kari, sent a few photos of this game and invited me to come by the class so she could explain. Jimmy called is Sound Objects. You take a random object (or picture) from a basket and match it to the letter that […]

Jimmy 2018 School Days

Background I saw a photo from preschool from Ms Kari. She mentioned that Jimmy loves this game.

A Visit to Montessori School

It was fall open house time and I wanted to see what activities the boys were working on at school. This is always a wonderful way of getting ideas for activities for our boys at home. Here is what I saw in the young Toddlers and preschoolers classes. Was really impressed and got some ideas […]

School Thanksgiving Luncheon 2018

A special day for parents and grandparents in Billy’s class. Grandpa Ben made Billy’s day when he visited for the Luncheon. There were foods from different cultures brought in by the parents/grandparents. But the highlight of the show was Billy snuggling Grandpa the whole time. Each family brought a dish. It was an international buffet […]

School Pictures – 2018

Jimmy & Billy’s Fall 2018 School Photos It’s that time of year again! Jimmy and Billy are growing up so fast. This year Billy had a scratch on his nose from a little accident at school involving a hammock. Still cute as a button though. Jimmy is starting to look more and more like a […]

Billy in Toddler Class – 2018

Adventures of the Solita family!