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Red Apron – Date

Red Apron Charcuterie My husband and I love looking for places to try meats and charcuterie. We recently came upon Red Apron. While running errands in the Mosaic District we visited Red Apron. The display had beautiful cuts of meats and delicatessen. The butcher, Alex, was friendly and very knowledgeable about the offerings. The best […]

JP’s 1st Birthday Videos

JP’s 1st Birthday and his first taste of Mommy’s homemade cup cake   Recipes for Cake and Frosting Recipe for Swan’s Down 1-2-3-4 Cake  – I made the cake the night before Recipe for “Not Too Sweet” frosting   JP opening presents after dinner.

JP’s 1st Birthday – Photos

JP at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house – 5+ months old (September 20, 2015)

Gita’s 36th Birthday – 2015

June 2015 – Feeling blessed and beautiful

This year for my birthday, Sol sent me for a day at the spa. Just 1 week before I start back up at work, I had the full treatment from head to toe. The day even included a delicious salad at the spa. So wonderful!   The best birthday gift ever is this little guy! […]

Gita’s 1st Mother’s Day – May 2015

It’s already hard to believe that on Mother’s Day last year JP was just a hope we had in our hearts. 2015 is the first year I am a Mom on Mother’s Day. When asked what I wanted for my first Mother’s day I had these three wishes, and they all came true.   Mother’s […]

JP’s Baby Showers – February 7, 2015

Christmas Dinner 2014 – Fried Fish and Chips

We decided to break out the Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer for Christmas, this time to make Fish and Chips. We had leftover oil from the fried turkey in Thanksgiving and thought we would try our hand at Fish and Chips. The fish was made fresh by Solomon while the chips and onion rings were from the […]

Thanksgiving 2014 at Solita’s

YouTube Video : Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer – 2014

Solita Celebrates 1st Wedding Anniversary

It’s amazing how much has happen in just one year. These photos were taken by Shane the day we got married on 11-12-13. We were just getting ready to go to a El Mananchal for dinner. One year later, we are living in our first home, pregnant with a baby boy and in better careers […]

Solita Barbecue in Bulk – Sunday Dinner

We were still in the mood for BBQ and had set plans to make extra good and freeze it for later. The results were so tasty that we just kept eating them over and over again daily without complaint until we literally ran out of food! Here is what we made Indian Style Seekh Kabob Burgers […]

Arnab visits for a cooking lesson from Sol

Our close friend Arnab is in on the healthy eating kick and wanted to learn some recipes from Sol. In particular, Arnab was over to learn how to make a simple, freezable ground meat and macaroni dish. We were delighted to see that Arnab had brought his wonderful pet, Hector, with him for this visit. […]

Solita Makes: Home Made Tandoori Grill – PART I

There is nothing quite like the taste of food from a Tandoor oven! Although it is not uncommon to see a tandoor in a kitchen in India, it is a luxury in America. Most tandoor ovens are only found in restaurants and in super luxury homes where they are more for show than for use. […]

Solita’s First Family Pot Luck

Finally after all the chaos of moving and settling into our new home, it was time for us to have family pot luck. We both love the tradition of Sunday night special dinners and want to continue the tradition, especially now that we are so close by to family. With uncle, aunty and two cousins, […]

Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day was extra special in 2014. This was the first year that both Sol and Gita’s mom joined us for Mother’s Day brunch. Janet was visiting us for a week after coming from Kim & Seth’s. After much thought about the menu, we decided to make some homemade French Toast with Sugar Free Fruit […]

Spinach Puff Pastry Recipe – by Paula Deen

I was feeling creative and wanted to use the left over puff pastry in the freezer. This recipe is delicious and is actually pretty easy to prepare. You can replace the Gruyere with Feta for a flavor closer to Spanakopita. Spinach Gruyere Puff Pastry by Paula Deen   Ingredients 1 (10-ounce) package frozen chopped spinach, thawed […]

German Chocolate Cake Recipe

For the Sasquatch’s birthday, I went all out and made one of his favorites, German Chocolate Cake. I used the following Recipe Combination for this Cake * Chocolate Cake Recipe – NANA’S SIMPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE from the Reily Products Recipe Site. * Chocolate Frosting  from  Reily Products Recipe Site * Coconut Topping using Sweetened Condensed Milk I […]

Sunset Wine Pairing – Zocker Gruner Veitliner, with Shortcut Chicken Cassoulet

The white wine selections have all been delicious so far. However, we did not prepare the recommended pairing menus because they all called for seafood items which are a cause for food allergy concerns in my household. The Zocker Gruner Vietliner came with a recipe card was for Cassoulet. While Janet was visiting us from New Mexico, […]

Special Dinner: Arnab Returns!

Arnab Returns! Our favorite bachelor Arnab returned after months out of being out of the country for work. He returned last week and wanted to prepare a special dinner for his return. For this special dinner we prepared Prime Rib with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce, Garlic and Artichoke Fettuccine, Spinach and Arugula salad with Champagne Dressing.  Harris […]

Pork Wellington

We purchased a pork tenderloin from “Babes in the Woods” and explored various options for preparing it for our Sunday night dinner (See post What to do with Pork Tenderloin). My search for different recipes led me back to the Food Network’s “Good Eats!” In Season 13 Episode 4 -“Tender is the Pork,” Alton Brown demonstrates […]

Sunset Wines – Ancient Peaks Merlot – Special Lamb Chop Dinner Pairing

 Background For Christmas 2012, one of our favorite gifts came from parents where we  received two bottles of wine each month from the Sunset Win Club. Every month the UPS man would come with a package requiring a signature. The package contained a featured red and white wine along with a recipe card for a […]

Slow Cooker Chicken & Vegetables

Back Story Whole chicken can be a healthy, deliciousl and economical food when prepared correctly. I was exploring healthy options for  whole chicken and came across a recipe for Baked Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe – This recipe inspired a casual yet special Sunday night chicken dinner with friends. The original plan was to follow the recipe, […]

Awesome Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipe –

This is a fantastic recipe for those cold days when you want a hot home cooked meal but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. For a 5 1/2 lb Pot Roast, the recipe suggests 8 hours for the slow cooking time. It is a great “set it and forget it” recipe. […]

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