Oh Baby!

Starting a family is a life changing experience. We weren’t planning to start a family just yet, but after getting married and purchasing our first home, we were blessed with the news of first child. This being our first child, we had a lot to learn and wanted to keep track of this wonderful journey toward parenthood, This portion of the site has the following sections:

Baby Journals

This is where we record journals of each week of the pregnancy, all the people in our lives, all the things we have learned, and the highs and lows we experienced during our pregnancy.

Baby Nursery Ideas

From the moment we walked through our townhouse while it was being constructed, we had set aside one bedroom for a nursery, even through we weren’t pregnant at the time. After making it through the first trimester, we revisited the empty room and started planning it out for out first born. The blogs marked “Baby Nursery Ideas” contain posts related to planning and ideas for setting up a nursery. Here we have Pinterest boards with nursery ideas from all over the web, photos from shopping trips we took to see the whole world of options for baby, and even links to registries.

Baby Things

This category is a catch all for baby related stuff that doesn’t quite fit neatly into one of the other baby categories.


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