Great Explorations 3-D Planets Great Explorations 3-D Planets

Jimmy is learning about Space and the planets. What a wonderful way to learn and connect than with this set of planets. Families with infants please be aware of chocking hazard. Great Explorations 3-D Planets In…

J&B’s First Globe – Shifu Orboot Smart Globe with App Jimmy has been learning about the earth and continents. He can already name them all at age 5. To encourage his curiosity we thought a globe might be a great way to encourage learning. While searching for a globe for children I came across is model and was instantly amazed. You do load the […]

Straw Building Set by Skoolzy

This was a great addition to our STEM/STEAM toy rotation. This Skoolzy set contains 200 pieces with straws and connectors. They come in an orange Slookzy pouch with drawstrings. Jimmy immediately knew what to do. At first it seemed it was a bit difficult for him to get the straws connected with the yellow connectors […]

Play Doh Fun!

Play doh is fun, creative and therapeutic. This soft non toxic dough can be made at home and is safe is swallowed. The kids and I love playing with different kits and and stencils to create fun soft clay objects that can be smooshed and recreated over and over again. So satisfying! We keep out […]

Happy Easter with Legos/Duplo

Magformers – Dinosaur building fun

Jimmy, age 5, loves to follow the instructions to build one of many dinosaurs from the included instruction manual. Not just Dinos …

Magnet Tiles for learning 3D Shapes

This was more than just a fun toy. It ended up being a tool we used to help Jimmy understand 3D Shapes. The magnet tiles allow us to create 3D models that could be taken apart and put back together again. Jimmy was loved this!

J&B Dinosaur Trivia

Brothers quizzing each other on dinosaur trivia. Ages 4 and 5. It’s never too early to learn about dinosaurs!

Learning 3D Shapes

Jimmy has been learning his 3D shapes. During COVID-19 he continued his individual lessons with Miss Angela. He was assigned drawings which incorporate the 3D shapes. For example: an ice cream cone is a cone with a sphere. A rocket is a cylinder shape with a cone top. I took notes during his lesson with […]

Making crayons with kids

April 2, 2020 Jimmy and I have been doing more drawing and coloring sessions lately. We had a bunch of broken crayons and I was excited to finally try re melting broken crayons into a new shape. It was easy. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Find a baking mold that is heat safe and broken […]

Memory Games

This is a game I remember playing as a kid. This set contains characters from Frozen II which the boys are really into right now. There are other sets with other familiar characters such as PJ Masks and other popular Disney characters, Matching Games can be adjusted to different levels of skill. With young toddlers, […]

Magnets & Flashcards

A game to learn how to read and write. Jimmy and I spent time together slowly writing out and spelling each animal in a set of animal magnets. The object of the game is to match the card to the correct animal magnet. Jimmy demonstrates. You can use whatever items your child is interested in […]

Jimmy’s 5th Birthday

Making Jimmy’s 5th Birthday Cake It all started with a drawing … The Goal! This was a concept drawing based on an image we saw online. The original idea was to have a bakery make this for Jimmy’s 5th Birthday party. But that was before COVID-19 changed things and meetings of 10 or fewer caused […]

Train Show @ Dulles Expo

Video Our first family visit to a train show! The boys are aware of Christmas this year and we have been taking them to as many festive events around. The expo was filled with “Everything Trains” including fine art, new and used train toys for kids and special train pieces for the serious collector. There […]

J&B’s Christmas Wishlist

The boys are very interested in Avengers toys this year. Billy is especially intrested im puzzels (up to 50 pieces) and the continents. Jimmy loves to imagine, pretend role play as Buzz Lightyear or an avenger. Amazon Wishlist Already purchased Transform Car Ro I’mbot, Electronic Remote Control RC Vehicles with One Button Tranforming and Realistic […]

2019 Dec Family Pics

Jimmy & Mommy. My sweet bear and I. Just capturing a sweet moment with Jimmy. He was eating dinner and said “Mommy I love your pasta … I want to take a picture with you…” how could I refuse! Sweet Bear, is how his friend’s mom describes him and it is such a perfect description […]

Sidharth’s 4th Birthday

Jimmy and friends have a great time at Sid’s 4th Birthday. Photos

School Pictures 2019

Fall 2019! We are so pleased with the way these photos came out. The boys are growing up so fast!

2019 Fall Haircuts

It was a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. We took the boys for hair cuts at Cartoon Clips. The boys were well behaved so we took them to the indoor playground and the rides before happy meals and cake pops. It’s good to be these two. We wouldn’t have it any other way Photos

Solita Family Halloween 2019

Jimmy & Billy – Summer 2018 @ Minnieland

Each summer, our kids school is out for a week to allow training and development. During that time the kids spend a week at Minnieland! A very different environment for these two. No uniforms, lots of outdoor play space and of course Miss Masooda, Miss Bahar and the wonderful teachers at Minnieland. Here are photos […]

2019 May – Leesburg Animal Park

A beautiful weekend just days after Billy’s 2nd birthday. We took the boys to the Leesburg Animal Park where they spent the afternoon feeding animals, sliding down on potato sacks and even a pony ride.

2019 Rishi’s Birthday

Videos Jimmy and Billy’s friend Rishi had his birthday at Monkey Joe’s. Photos

Sound Objects Game

Recreating one of Jimmy’s favorite school learning activities at home. Jimmy’s teacher, Miss Kari, sent a few photos of this game and invited me to come by the class so she could explain. Jimmy called is Sound Objects. You take a random object (or picture) from a basket and match it to the letter that […]

Jimmy 2018 School Days

Background I saw a photo from preschool from Ms Kari. She mentioned that Jimmy loves this game.

Toys: Button Nail Game

Button Nails We found these at Walmart and I’ve seen it on Amazon. Jimmy really enjoys this game. He loves to pick from the many patterns that come in the set.

School Pictures – 2018

Jimmy & Billy’s Fall 2018 School Photos It’s that time of year again! Jimmy and Billy are growing up so fast. This year Billy had a scratch on his nose from a little accident at school involving a hammock. Still cute as a button though. Jimmy is starting to look more and more like a […]

Playroom Evolution – March 11, 2018

Playroom and Family Room After Spring Cleaning March 2018 As we approached Spring 2018, it was time to put away the winter clothes and gear and start putting together a donation basket. While reviewing the clothes, we also started to notice that there were toys that the boys had outgrown and could also be donated. […]

Dinosaur Set & Book – Favorite Toys

This dinosaur gift set was perfect for our son Jimmy who has always had an interest in plastic animals. He has already mastered farm animals and jungle animals, so we felt it was time to introduce him to one of Solomon’s favorite toys as a child, dinosaurs (ROAR!).  There are two sets and a book […]

School Photos

Billy & Jimmy in the big boy cart @ Walmart

Billy is finally big enough to join his brother in the 2 Kid cart at Walmart.

Brothers @ Play – February 2017

Daddy spins Jimmy round and round – February 2017

  Published on Feb 12, 2017

Jimmy’s Favorite Books – Age 1 – 2

Jimmy loves to read. His teachers at Minnieland tell us all the time. Every night before bed Jimmy requires that we read several books together. Some of his favorites are included in the photos below.  

Christmas 2016

The most wonderful time of the year is back! What a year! This will be Billy’s first Christmas but he has (veteran) big brother Jimmy to show him all the things there are to know about Christmas. As always, it seem that focus is the presents, but it really is the people who share the […]

Halloween 2016 @ Minnieland

Adventures of the Solita family!